Brent Raynes – UFOs, Bigfoot, Ghosts And Other Usual Suspects

On April 14th, longtime paranormal researcher Brent Raynes joined me for a very fun and synchronistic couple of hours. I could have sworn that he looked up info on me beforehand as he mentioned my middle name and birthday seemingly out of nowhere in the course of talking about his investigations. Very strange.

We talked about his long-running magazine, Alternate Perceptions, his association with researcher Dr. Greg Little, the importance of truly strange UFO cases, and experiments and adventures with the spirit box. We ended with an discussion of Peruvian whistling vessels, which are claimed to put listeners in altered states.

Thanks for all of your patience while life and problems with those interwebs have conspired to keep us apart.

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Tim Brigham: Jim Moseley, Parapsychology Research and God Helmets

Tim is a Doctor of Cognitive Experimental Psychology and is a laboratory parapsychology researcher. He is also the past associate editor of Saucer Smear. These were the main topics on this program, which aired live on January 20th. Tim met Smear publisher Jim Moseley when he was an impressionable teenager. It was essentially out of this friendship that he became involved with the intrigue of the longest-running UFO periodical in the world.

Jim Moseley was a friend and an inspiration to me as well and Tim recalled him fondly with such stories as Moseley pissing off abductee Linda Napolitano/ Cortile, and the time that researcher Budd Hopkins gave him and Brigham the finger at a UFO convention. We talked a bit about Jim’s personality and his attitudes towards some of the famous people in the UFO field.

We then segued into a segment about Tim’s parapsychological interests and experiments that he is planning with Michael Persinger’s so-called “God Helmet” which as been shown to produce quasi-religious experiences on demand. We also went into a discussion of how UFO sightings might be affected by our preconceptions from pop culture and even earlier reports, which led to an extended segment on the Hill abduction case and details that have been forgotten, such as Barney Hill’s first description of his abductor as a “red haired Irishman” wearing a Nazi uniform.

Image – Jim Moseley from Tim Brigham’s site mojomachine

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Surprise Show: Nick Redfern and Chris O’Brien

This show started off as a music and call-in show, but when I called Nick Redfern, it took off. We started right in about problems with UFO studies, people who we think are doing good work, and then launched into a discussion of government secrets and how Nick does his research. A discussion of Charles Fort’s personal life followed and then quite a bit more about the nature of UFO study and how it might be improved.

In a huge surprise, Chris O’Brien called in and we took our “state of ufology” discussion to another level. I think some real good suggestions about where things could be going came out of this conversation.

NOTICE: I may go to a registered user-only comment section, since I get 100-300 spam messages on the site a day, even with the filters I have in place. Tell me what you think.

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Adam Gorightly: Discordians, Paranoia and Call-Ins

On December 30th, we had our old buddy Adam back on for a visit and a little catching up.

We started out with Bigfoot, and his/ their apparent talent for language and mimicry. We also talked about expanded awareness that results from psychedelic drugs, especially after they wear off.

In about 2003 or so, Adam dragged me along on an interview with Robert Anton Wilson. From that interview, Adam found out about a cache of documents from the early years of the Discordian religion, which he eventually acquired and will soon be releasing a book based on them. He also uncovered a wealth of documents on counterculture figure Kerry Thornley and his interaction with the Warren Commission and New Orleans District Attorney Jim Garrison, which will be the subject of another book to be released this year, just in time for the 50th anniversary of the assassination, and he described that project for about 15 minutes.

Later, we launched into a discussion of paranoid states of mind and our experiences with them, such as a recording of our talk with Wilson, which was apparently lost in the mail for over a year.

Tim Binnall called in and chimed in on our discussion of people who want to “clean up” UFO research. We all agreed that this was a losing battle considering the personalities involved and of course the mercurical nature of the subject itself.

Former Jim Moseley colleague/ co-conspirator Tim Brigham called in later in the show to discuss his proposed cage match with a parapsychology skeptic. He also announced that Saucer Smear has ceased publication forever, since Moseley as editor was the heart and soul of the publication. I support this decision. The next 20 minutes was a reminiscnce about Moseley and his benign disrespect for the UFO community of which he was an integral part.

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Silly Christmas Music Show

Tonight’s show featured everything from the ridiculous to the silly to the almost traditional. From the depths of Tiny Tim’s rendition of “Rudolph The Red-Nosed Reindeer” to the ethereal beauty of “Silent Night” on the Great Stalacpipe Organ, please enjoy and have a great holiday.

In the next few weeks we will welcome guests such as our good friend Bob Emenegger and also Rob Sterling of the Konformist website and newsletter. Other guests will be announced as they are confirmed.

PS – Here’s one of my favorite Christmas comedy bits by Patton Oswalt.

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Dean Radin: Entangled Minds

ESP and psychokinesis (symbolized by “psi,” the 23rd letter of the Greek alphabet ) are still highly controversial concepts, at least in the basic science taught in most schools and waved as a banner by so-called skeptical groups. According to my guest, however, there is a quiet revolution among credentialed scientists that may lead to more open research into parapsychology.

Dr. Dean Radin has been on the forefront of this research for decades, performing  laboratory experiments, writing scientific papers, and doing statistical analyses of years of collected data. He has also written two popular books for a wider audience. The Conscious Universe, published in 1997, was an examination of the evidence for psychic functioning and some of the implications for the knowledge of its existence. Entangled Minds was released in 2006 and continued Dr. Radin’s careful look at the evidence and described possible theories to explain psi.

On this program, we discussed Dr. Radin’s background and his early interest in paranormal topics, and how this led him to a career as a working parapsychologist. We then looked at the rocky early history of quantum theory (which forms the basis of a possible working theory of psychic phenomena) and how its acceptance among more scientists would be the basis of a possible renaissance of psychic research.

Dr. Radin’s next book will be entitled Super Normal: Science, Yoga, and the Evidence For Extraordinary Psychic Abilities, which will be published next year.

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Walter And Listener Call-Ins

Just before I left on my trip, Walter arrived in the studio and we opened with a few random subjects. We mentioned William Corliss’ Sourcebook project. Recent writing projects and difficulty with getting them going took up a few minutes. We made a bit of fun of one of the disclosure movements’ newer wrinkles. The premiere of Walter’s first theatrical film happened on November 25th, and we talked up the event.

Phil Harris’ great novelty song “The Thing” provided a break before listener Ward called in to talk about the Alternative Universe Conferences, Walter’s AFOSI career, the recent Bob Emenegger interview, and weird phenomena at Whitley Strieber’s cabin. Carlos was next and we discussed the extra-normal abilities of pets, stealth aircraft and possible technology that remains secret, and aspects of the Gaia hypothesis.

At the end of the show, we played a recording of a seance or channeling of a dead WWII pilot that is actually quite creepy.

See you next week as we welcome parapsychological scientist and researcher Dean Radin to the program.

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Paul Kimball: The Other Side Of Truth (ISBN 0991697502)

Paul Kimball‘s first book was released on October 4th. In the interest of not repeating myself, please see the description of our last interview from July 14th for details about the book.

The effect of exposure to actual paranormal-type events (during production of his TV show Ghost Cases) and the combined input of Stuart Miller, Nick Redfern, myself, and the groundbreaking theories of our late friend Mac Tonnies (among other factors) have influenced Paul’s thinking in the few years we’ve known each other and changed him from a vaguely interested observer to someone who thinks deeply and passionately about the subject. Combined with his background in history, law, and philosophy, The Other Side Of Truth is a must-read for listeners of this show, and a great introduction to advanced concepts of the paranormal and how it relates to other aspects of the human experience.

This interview delves into the deeper aspects of Paul’s background and experiences. We talked about the writings of 19th century Canadian Christian mystic Henry Alline, a scary night with a shadow person in the Czech Republic, a unique and frightening UFO case from Nova Scotia, and the probable improbability of science to provide answers to the paranormal, among many, many other subjects.

Photo: Paul and I at the mysterious Racetrack Playa in 2008.

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Robert Emenegger – UFOs and Yoga and Hypnosis and Teleportation (and Silly Music)

Robert Emenegger is one of those people that lurk just beyond the veil of celebrity. He’s knows all sorts of people you’ve heard about, but hardly anyone ever mentions Emenegger by name. One of the reasons I admire him is that he seems to like it that way.

In the first part of the interview, we talked about his 1976 film UFOs, It Has Begun. Bob and his producing partner Alan Sandler received unprecedented access to government personnel and facilities to find out what was truly known about flying unidentifieds. He was even offered a copy of the film of the famed (if unproven) UFO landing at New Mexico’s Holloman Air Base in 1967, only to have it rescinded near the end of production. During the filming, Emenegger was introduced to many of the background players in the Air Force/ UFO equation, such as Col Bob. Friend and Col. Bill Coleman.

In the second 2 hours, we delved into his experiences making a film with legendary hypnotist Martin Orne, who unmasked Hillside Stranger Kenneth Bianchi as faking Multiple Personality Disorder, among other accomplishments. We also discussed Dr. Hal Puthoff and his early interest in Emenegger’s UFO film. He described a yoga demonstration staged for Carol Burnett and experiments in possible mental teleportation of objects in secret experiments in China. We had segment on reincarnation research, and talked about many, many other aspects of Bob’s amazing life before playing some music he wrote for the early 1970s kid TV show Lance Link, Secret Chimp. There is far, far more to these almost four hours than I can describe here. We’d like to read your comments.

(For your reference, there is a short tone marking the space between the segments.)

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Walter Bosley: Hell’s Bells

When I met Walter in 2001, he was a recently retired Air Force officer. Others shied away when they learned that he was in the Air Force Office of Special Investigations, but I knew I had to talk to him. Since then, we have been on adventures in the desert looking for haunted cemeteries, making documentary films and talking about UFO, paranormal and spy stuff on this program. Since I met him, Walter has authored three books, a few screenplays, and taught classes in surveillance work.

In the last couple of years, his interests have expanded and he is poised to premiere his first feature film, shot almost literally on a shoestring budgetHell’s Bells is a black and white silent movie shot on hi-def video. We talked about the experience of making the film, but of course were compelled to wander into other subjects.

Also discussed: Russian spies on the Manhattan Project, silly infighting amongst the UFO fan and media community, crop circle hoaxes, why we don’t enjoy politics, Anthony Bourdain’s travel series and Cory McAbee (one of my favorite filmmakers.)


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Scott Corrales: Hispanic Ufology and the State Of UFO Studies

Scott has been a friend since the mid-1990s, when I published a report of his on the then-new chupacabras phenomenon. We recorded this show as a phone call on August 8th.

The conversation ranged from the state of UFO studies to the legendary UMMO affair (another subject which Corrales knows well.) We also talked about the differences in UFO study between Latin American countries and the USA, and what Spanish and South American researchers think of their American counterparts. We ended with a reading of a very strange experience from a Spanish abduction researcher, which I requested that Scott read in the original Spanish text. I really liked this.

The song at the end, El Aparto (The Device) is from the Mexico City-based band Cafe Tacuba and is about UFO abduction. Hat tip to RadMist friend Red Pill Junkie for this.

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Nick Redfern: The Pyramids and the Pentagon

30 minutes after the interview, Curiosity rover landed on Mars.

Nick surprised me with a 24 hour visit to LA last Sunday. Luckily, he has just released another book entitled The Pyramids and the Pentagon, about the history of US government involvement in paranormal research, so we talked a little about that and a lot about other things. Nick found that U.S. Government indeed had a wide-ranging interest in historical anomalies such as Noah’s Ark, antigravity and the method used to build the Egyptian pyramids, among other things.

We also talked about what sort of music that aliens might like (if it isn’t Tibetan music) and Nick’s Ten Commandments Of Paranormal TV. I asked Nick about his detractors, and we ended with a couple of questions Nick had for me.

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Damon Packard: C2C Icons As Movie Characters

Damon Packard is a highly-regarded independent filmmaker from the Los Angeles area. My friend Leni Mandell suggested that I bring him in the studio to talk about his latest film Foxfur.  The non-linear story revolves around a young woman who is evicted from her apartment and meets David Icke, Bob Lazar, and Richard Hoagland while wandering the streets, and eventually meets Semjase, who was Swiss contactee Billy Meier’s angelic alien queen. We talked about the problems of no-budget filmmaking and Packard’s influences. For the first 10 minutes, I tried to convince Damon that the Lazar story was not what it appeared. We also went over the story of Meier and the artistic value of his UFO photos. Leni joined us in the studio for the show and we took one call at the end. Check out Damon’s youtube channel for more.

Above: Packard as L. Ron Hubbard from Craig Baldwin’s 2009 film Mockup On Mu.

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Don Newcomer: Esoteric Psychology, Psychedelics, and the Paranormal

Don and his wife Beth have been good friends of mine for many years and have both been inspirations and a great source of esoteric information to me. Sigrid and I spent last weekend at their place and since I didn’t want to forego a show just because I was out of town (again) I asked Don if he wanted to be my guest for the first ever live remote Radio Misterioso.

We sat in the dining room with our wives and Fluffy the dog, and began by talking about a theory of perception advanced by UC Berkeley philosopher Alva Noe which takes into account the motor responses of our senses as influences on our experience of the world. We then complained about UFO disclosure for awhile before launching into a discussion of the decimation of the peyote plant and alternatives such as the San Pedro cactus. We also had time to talk about the little-known book Conjuring Up Philip, which described an experiment to create a disembodied spirit and associated phenomena, as well as Don’s preliminary reading of Carl Jung’s famous Red Book. At the end of the program I played a few examples of electro-voice phenomena recorded from shortwave radio in the 1970s.

Don asked as many questions as he fielded and we had a great conversation before we shut it down and jumped back in the swimming pool.

Thanks again to Miles Lewis for the use of the Anomaly Radio Network feed.


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Live Show Link Change (For July 22nd)

On Sunday evening, Radio Misterioso will be streaming from a different location than the killradio studio. The live show link at the top right corner of the page will switch over to the test stream a few minutes before broadcast at 8PM PST. Click on that link to hear the show live. It is being provided by Miles Lewis of the Anomaly News Syndicate.

At least, this is what I’m planning to do!

We are testing the static link to see if it works properly. I will play music, perhaps talk to friends, and maybe take some calls. I will give out a phone number at that time. If you click the link now, it should be streaming the Anomaly Radio Network.

I am testing another system in order to try and eliminate technical problems, especially with phone/ interview systems. This is in addition to plans for a continuous streaming audio link that plays archived episodes of Radio Misterioso 24/7 (along with the occasional rare UFO audio tracks.)

Thank you for your continued support and keep listening!

Meanwhile, here is an interesting coincidence: The recent revelations by former CIA employee Chase Brandon about Roswell prompted a friend of mine to notice that the 1979 film Flying Saucers Are Real was narrated by a man named Brandon Chase.

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Richard Sarradet: The Falcon, The UFO, and Harry Rositzke

After my recent announcement of the possible identity of the famous “Falcon” of MJ-12 and “Aviary” lore, a few commenters, researchers, and websites began speculating on the legitimacy of OSS and CIA veteran Harry August Rositzke as that formerly mysterious figure. Attitudes ranged from the stupidly skeptical to the stupidly outlandish, with a few thoughtful theories thrown into the mix. I will leave the listeners to figure out which is which.

My longtime friend Richard Sarradet (who also co-hosts Don Ecker’s Dark Matters Radio on Friday nights) joined me in a discussion of some of the issues surrounding this announcement and to talk about how it fits into the history of the Government/ UFO equation. We also veered into further history of our interactions with a man who claimed to represent a faction of U.S. Naval Intelligence.

As always with Richard, we delved into some areas which I have long kept to myself. It may be time to reveal some of these memories, thoughts, and theories so that others can perhaps build upon them.

Our good friend Kenn Thomas called in with his perspective as well. Strangely enough, he was cut off for some reason, and he later informed me that his phone was inoperative for about 24 hours after the show.

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Paul Kimball: The Other Side Of Truth

Despite Paul’s aversion to paranormal radio, he will appear on Radio Misterioso if sufficiently coaxed, or in this case, if he is promoting one of his projects. This time it’s his new book, The Other Side Of Truth, named after his long-running blog. I am in the middle of reading it in preparation for writing a foreword, and the book appears slated for release in the fall.

The text is an overview of Kimball’s experiences over the last few years, making films such as Best Evidence: The Top Ten UFO Cases and his TV series Ghost Cases, as well as his numerous opinions on the wide swath of issues surrounding the paranormal and it’s connections to human consciousness and the creative process. We talked about that issue at length on this show, as well as covering baseball, my revelation of the infamous “Falcon” of UFO disinfo fame, the ethics of boxing and UFC (and the death penalty), and how much I dislike the music of Billy Joel.

Unprompted by me, Paul also apologized multiple times for his comments about Budd Hopkins from a few months ago. As he said, “Maybe I’m getting older and wiser.” Maybe we all are.

The full title of Kimball’s upcoming book is The Other Side of Truth The Paranormal, The Art of the Imagination, & the Human Condition. You can learn more about what’s been going on with Paul at his new website. A great conversation with a very good friend, which I hope you enjoy.

Above: Paul (center) with Nick Redfern and the late Mac Tonnies.

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Tim Binnall: Are We Finally Bored With UFOs?

Tim and I spent a couple of hours last Sunday talking shop about paranormal radio, the futility of the “disclosure” movement, and Tim’s plans for a new paranormal conference. We also discussed James Randi, Tim’s favorite interviews from his show (the guest who says Hitler escaped to Argentina was one of his favorites) and when UFO research died.

The takeaway quote from our latest two our conversation was a winner: “The longer you’re in this, the more you have the ability to shut off caring.” Perhaps we’re finally both tired of the same stories and the same ideas which have gone nowhere. Alternatively, we both notice that he present wave of new blood seems to be more anti-ET than ever. In this there may be some hope.

Other subjects discussed: The decline of abduction research compared to the breakup of the Beatles, the end of the world, Bigfoot and UFOS, and difficult guests we’ve had. Enjoy!

P.S. I continue to try and repair my streaming issues. Nicecast seems to be spotty right now. If anyone has any advice, please write to me.

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Miles Lewis and Tim Brigham: Astral Tickle Torture By Electric Kachina

I asked Tim on the show in the wake of the Jim Moseley interview from last week. Tim’s original plan involved our friend Miles Lewis along for Jim’s interview, but he turned out to be busy. Both are little-known treasure troves of paranormal info: Miles, through his massive Anomaly News Network, and Tim through his long association with Moseley and many mutual friends, as well as his new blog, Mojo Machine.

We began by of course talking about Jim and his huge influence on the field and us three in particular. We went on to question Miles about his work with UFO abductee groups. He did not notice any pattern of conforming to a set story, but did think that the participants were in need of acceptance within the group. We discussed what effect a bad reputation has on paranormal researchers (specifically the new head of MUFON – see Moseley interview.) I also harped on the value of subjective experience of strange events.

The conversation was simply a few people getting together to talk shop on the paranormal, which is one of my favorite ways of doing the show. Enjoy.

(The title is a reference to a dream by our friend Robert Larson. I promised Tim and Miles that I would make it the title of the show. Make of it what you will!)

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Jim Moseley: Saucer Smear and Other Foibles

Anyone who has been in the UFO biz for even a little while knows about the legendary Saucer Smear zine. What started out as a small and fairly serious newsletter over 50 years ago has evolved into the publication of record for all of the arguments, infighting and feuds amongst researchers and others in the field. Balanced with Moseley’s sharp humor and eye for a good story, Smear remains the only UFO publication that is eagerly awaited and read from start to finish as soon as “nonsubscribers” get their copies in the mail, usually about once a month.

Moseley’s buddy Tim Brigham asked if I would record a conversation with Jim before he goes in for surgery next week. None of us had any set agenda or questions, but the conversation did feature a few comments from Moseley about researchers Bill Moore and Stanton Friedman, and how much he hated 1960s radio personality Long John Nebel. We also talked about the new director if MUFON and his company which offers “mile high club” (sex flights) for hire. There is much more in this conversation, which only lasted an hour and was interrupted twice by phone calls which Jim stopped the interview to answer.

Enjoy this talk with one of the true legends of the field and a good friend.

Image above is the title page of a book we talk about during the interview.

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Albert K. Bender’s Contactee Experiences

No live show yesterday, so here is another rare UFO audio gem.

The largest (best attended) indoor UFO convention in US history took place on the weekend of June 24, 1967 in the Hotel Commodore in New York City. Organized by UFO researcher James Moseley, speakers included John Keel and Roy Thinnes, who was the star of the popular Invaders TV show. Tim Beckley recalls:

There were quite a variety of speakers like Venus from the planet Venus, Dr. Frank Stranges, Howard Menger, and in fact Dr. Condon of the infamous Condon Report was there. He was in the audience taking notes.

Another personality who “appeared” so to speak, was Albert K Bender, famous for his founding of the International Flying Saucer Bureau (IFSB), and his book on the Men In Black enigma. Due to unspecified fears or some other reason, he sent a tape recording of his presentation which was played to a room full of eager listeners.

Bender described his MIB experiences, the history of the IFSB and curiously, his growing contactee-type experiences which were going to be part of a book that publisher Gray Barker was going to release. The book never saw the light of day. Barker described it as “not good enough to do anything with.”

Bender apparently lives about 5 miles from me, but I have repeatedly heard that he wants nothing to do with any UFO researchers, so I have left him alone.

I have posted this before at ufomystic, but the link is broken, and I can’t seem to find the speech anywhere else online. The snippet of introduction at the beginning is the voice of Gray Barker.

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Peter Robbins: Rendlesham Controversy

Peter Robbins was on the show for his third appearance to discuss the psychological warfare theory of the Rendlesham Incident. His and Larry Warren’s 1997 book Left At East Gate is considered the standard account, and while he does think that there may have been psychological warfare aspects to the story, they definitely do not explain everything, particularly the main encounters of December 26th and December 28, 1980, when Air Force security personnel apparently encountered two strange objects.

In early February, British researcher Sacha Christie claimed that the whole affair was a psychological test or exercise to test the security of the nuclear weapons at Bentwaters Air Force Base. She referred to a document which seemed to indicate that the technology to produce all the reported events and effects were available in 1980. I can’t seem to find any specific references to the Rendlesham events or Bentwaters in the document, but that doesn’t mean that there isn’t a connection or that Christie is wrong. She has been invited to the Rendlesham conference this year, to talk about her abduction research and her own UFO experiences. Peter talked about why he seriously doubts Christie’s conclusions.

I believe that we covered all the questions sent in by listeners and even discussed Peter’s work with abduction researcher Budd Hopkins. Peter has always been an intelligent, thoughtful researcher who is honest about his work, motivations, and the fact that his opinions are open for discussion.

Peter’s Wilhelm Reich papers referenced in the program:
Wilhelm Reich and UFOs Pt.1

Wilhelm Reich and UFOs Pt.2

Wilhelm Reich, Orgone Energy, and UFOs


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Inspirational Lectures by William S. Burroughs

Most of the listeners know about my interest in William S. Burroughs. I have mentioned some of his recorded lectures from time to time on the show. Burroughs was a pioneer in  thought as well as writing. I used to joke with my late friend Mac Tonnies that we had listened to more Burroughs than we had read. If you can’t get though one of his classic novels, one of Burroughs’ lectures is just as good.

Paranormal Voices,” posted at, has nothing to do with UFOs, although it does inform my opinions on the paranormal in general. The talk ranges from the cut-up method that Burroughs used in his writing, to recordings of pioneering EVP researcher Constantin Raudive, cut-up audio tapes and the fevered ramblings of the dying gangster Dutch Schultz.

The lecture called “Technology and the Ethics of Wishing” is probably one of the most inspiring talks I have ever heard. The description says “discussion includes rules for wishing, the dogma of science, L. Ron Hubbard, The Big Lie, and sympathetic magic.” That should be enough to get most listeners to download this historic discourse. Perhaps some of you can listen to the talks and we’ll discuss them on the show.

Listening to his voice and thoughts has a strange effect that causes me to think in new ways. It may liberate and refresh your neural pathways too.

Peter Robbins has been rescheduled for this Sunday (5/6.) Please join us then.

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Rare Audio: 1978 UFO Record

“Coincidentally” one year after the release of Close Encounters of the Third Kind, the Center for UFO Studies put out this double record album of Factual Eyewitness Testimony of UFO Encounters! complete with Chariots of the Gods/ Star Wars lettering on the cover, so people knew what to expect. The target audience were apparently sci-fi buffs with an interest in UFOs. I don’t think that those crowds mix too much, but this was the 1970s, baby.

In weeks where I don’t have a live show to post or an archived one to thrill you, I will post  rare and forgotten recordings of lectures, music, interviews, and other odds and ends from my UFO and paranormal audio collection.

This week’s selection features J. Allen Hynek talking about the Papua New Guinea encounter case, Patrolman Herbert Schirmer discussing the “men” he met on a lonely road in Nebraska in 1967, and Betty Hill describing her archetypal abduction. All of the testimony is from the actual witnesses. Great stuff and surprisingly balanced, although heavily weighted towards the ET hypothesis, of course. It’s a high-class production, with music and sound effects mixed in throughout.

This recording used to be available online though a couple of different sites, but the links appear to have been broken.


Side 1

Side 2

Side 3

Side 4

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Darren McGovern II: Music and The Denial of Death

My good friend Darren McGovern showed up in the studio again for a couple hours of conversation and cuts from his new album Celebrate The Light. His work gets better with every release. Darren once wrote a very funny article for my old magazine, which has taken on a life of its own.

We began with a reminiscence about our early bonding on such subjects as western occultism, Robert Anton Wilson, and Monty Python. We went on at length about the motif running through his latest songs. The underlying theme is The Denial of Death, a 1973 book by Ernest Becker. Becker argued that all human motivations stem from a realization of our own mortality and how we try to rationalize the inevitable or attempt to transcend it.

I also played some comedy from Patton Oswalt‘s latest album and a bootleg recording I made of Tony Clifton.

I don’t think we mentioned UFOs even once.

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From the Archives: Some UFO Sightings Solved (?)

No live show tonight, but here is a show that has been waiting in the wings for a couple of years for rebroadcast.

On May 6th of 2010, my friend, author John Shirley presented a contact of his who claimed that he had worked on a hybrid airship that could duplicate many of the the reported movements of classic UFOs (i.e. stopping in midair, abrupt changes of direction, etc.) The man, known only as “Matthew,” said that he believed that this explained the famous “Belgian Triangle” sightings of 1990.

I thought that “Matthew” presented a compelling case that would benefit from further research. A quick open source search did not turn up any such craft as our guest described, but advanced technologies in development seldom receive any publicity. Walter was in the studio to provide his perspective on the history of possible anti-gravity craft.

Image: Alberto Santos-Dumont’s combined aircraft/dirigible experiments of 1906.

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The Lost Bill Moore Interviews 2: The Road to Roswell

Bill Moore has become a legendary figure in the history of UFO research. I was lucky to know and call him a friend almost 20 years. He was the author of two benchmark books that all of our listeners should have read by now: The Philadelphia Experiment (1979) and The Roswell Incident (1980.)  All subsequent Roswell books, festivals, etc would not exist today if Moore, Stan Friedman, and Charles Berlitz had not done the original research and writing, even if no one seems to want to acknowledge this fact.

This was the last interview he gave before leaving public life entirely and moving back to the East Coast in 2006.

After telling me he would be late, Bill arrived far earlier than expected and we launched into a discussion of the Alexander Litivenko polonium poisoning case. We were soon discussing his first contacts with the Air Force Office of Special Investigations, which occurred in 1980 during book tours for Roswell. Moore corrected a misstatement that researcher Jerome Clark made about this period.

We then discussed a little-known incident involving a breach of Air Force base security in which Moore was involved with his research partner Jamie Shandera, which then led to some discussion about the history and methods of counterintelligence.

Moore recalled his first trips out to New Mexico to interview Roswell witnesses: He said that ten primary witnesses all said that they’d handled parts of a flying saucer, or at least something unearthly. He also recalled with some pain how his co-author Charles Berlitz changed and sensationalized Moore’s reports and data as he worked them into the manuscript.

We changed subjects and talked about possible occult elements in the Wizard of Oz, and humorous names Bill had come across in his research. Walter revealed that the son of Larry Fine (of Three Stooges fame) was an Air Force OSI agent. Walter also described (as much as he legally could) the history of Russian intelligence in the closed files of the FBI, which he saw as an agent. The balance of the show was filled with a discussion of other mysteries and a bit on Moore’s research and writing about on the origins of the Mormon faith.

As with many shows here, this was much more of a fun conversation than a strict interview, since I would never force Bill into any formalized discussion of subjects that most researchers would prefer. Nevertheless, there is much here for the seasoned UFO veteran to gain, if they will take the time to listen carefully.

The interview was recorded on December 10th of 2006.

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Rev. Ivan Stang: The Problem of “Faith”

Stang is one of the founders (some say THE founder) of the Church of the SubGenius. We’ll cleared that issue and other things up about this religion masquerading as a joke (or is that the other way around?)

Some minor technical problems did not deter us from having a great talk about the mystic origins of the SubGenius “faith,” which began with phone and CB radio pranks and evolved to crazed pamphlet-writing and eventually a worldwide phenomenon. We also discussed the problem of SubGenius members who believe too much, which is strange since it seems that the entire movement was founded on the idea of fanatical non-belief masquerading as unwavering devotion.

You might not hear it, but I was laughing hysterically off-microphone for much of the program. The show ends abruptly due to a technical glitch while we were talking about the band DEVO, but Ivan has told me that he wants to continue the conversation a later date.

The image above is from issue #5 of my old magazine. Stang wrote the cover story. Art by Hal Robbins. That’s a terrified Stang looking up at the smelly alien.

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Walter’s Back: Listener Call-Ins, Individuality, and Bill Moore’s FBI File

Over the last two weeks, my friend and long-lost co-host Walter Bosley returned to sit in for a couple of sessions. Although he professed his exasperation with the UFO subject, we talked about that and more with a few listeners. Ward, our friend from Southern California, called for almost the entire first show (from 2/26) and we wandered around subjects like “zones of fear,” the “psy-op” angle on the Bentwaters military UFO encounter, an independent verification (by Bill Moore of all people) of an obscure player in the Roswell drama that Walter’s father knew, possible air and space travel in the 19th century, and the last revelations of the late cattle mutilation researcher and New Mexico State Policeman Gabe Valdez.

We continued the conversation on March 4th with a short wrap-up of the Alternative Universe Conference, which was apparently the first-ever completely online paranormal convention, and occurred the day before. Walter and I were two of the featured speakers. We had a longish discussion about the individual vs. the collective or universal consciousness. We then talked about UFO researcher Bill Moore’s FBI files, which Walter (a former FBI employee himself) had a chance to examine earlier in the day. We had a first-time caller (Vicki from Hawaii) and Ward again for the last 1/3d of the program.

A fun couple of shows which you will enjoy I am sure. I inserted a tone between the two shows as a marker for listeners. I will be back next week with a new show and perhaps a guest.

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Nick Redfern: Forbidden Places

My friend Nick Redfern was on the show again on February 19th. The talk ranged all over the map as usual, but concentrated on his new book, entitled Keep Out!: Top Secret Places Governments Don’t Want You to Know About. One story that intrigued me was that guards in Fort Knox were told that they were keeping watch over the “wings and engine of a flying saucer.” It makes you wonder what other UFO stories were told in the name of “national security” which had nothing whatsoever to do with the subject.

Walter called in to talk about psychological and psychotronic warfare, as well as good old garden-variety disinfo he experienced while in the Air Force.

We ended up with a some complaints and suggestions about UFO and anomalies research.

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From The Archives: James Moseley – Saucer Smear and Other Controversies

Moseley is the editor/ publisher of the 50 year-old ‘zine Saucer Smear. Smear has always been my favorite UFO publication because it concentrates on the people in the field, rather than the UFOs themselves. Moseley will occasionally publish new information on old cases or behind-the-story features on new ones, though. His book Shockingly Close To The Truth is a must-read.

On September 7th, 2003, Jim was in Los Angeles for the National UFO Conference. For some reason, he did not want to make the 5 mile drive to the studio for an interview, so we called him in his hotel room at the Beverly Garland hotel in North Hollywood. Ralph Coon, director/ writer/ producer/ editor of the Gray Barker documentary Whispers From Space was on hand to ask non-sequitur questions.

We delved into the history of Saucer Smear, Jim’s experiences with the classic flying saucer contactees of the 1950s-’70s, Al Bender and his Men-In-Black experiences, his history with a certain arch-fundamentalist skeptic and a longish discussion about Moseley’s best friend, the late Gray Barker, among many other subjects.

This was a very enjoyable interview with one of the legendary figures of UFO study, who also happens to be quite sensible and agnostic about the mystery, which makes him one of my favorite personalities.

Primitive recording and microphone techniques were in evidence throughout.

Photo: Moseley wonders who has stolen the film out of his camera at the 2004 National UFO Conference. Conference director Lisa Davis is baffled.

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Upcoming shows for February

I must have turned around again, because Nick Redfern has a new book out. Nick will be on the show February 19th to discuss Keep Out!: Top Secret Places Governments Don’t Want You to Know About. We’ll most certainly get into the Dulce Base controversy during our conversation.

I will post a previously unavailable, archived show or two during the two-week hiatus until then.

Audience question: should I have Peter Robbins on to talk about the new Rendlesham Incident controversy?

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Adam Gorightly: High Weirdness and Strange Music

Gorightly was on a whirlwind mega 2-city tour promoting his upcoming book release Happy Trails to High Weirdness. It’s sort of an autobiography of all the strangeness he’s encountered in a couple decades of writing about UFOs, conspiracies, psychedelics and the counter-culture. In the second hour we played some strange music I’ve picked up since the last time he appeared on the show.

Subjects that came up in the free-form conversation included: the Tim Biscardi Bigfoot Hoax, the most-likely-not-hoaxed Bigfoot DNA case from last year, and quite a bit about the heavy influence on both of our lives of philosopher Robert Anton Wilson. We also  played a few fun tracks from Adam’s CD release Transmissions From A Dying Planet and listened to a recording of a British dude from the 1960s jabbering in what he says was Venusian and Plutonian.

A good talk with longtime friend. Enjoy and thanks again for your continued support!

Illustration by the very talented caricaturist Dennis Rano.

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Chris O’Brien: 20-Plus Years In The Mysterious Valley

Chris O’Brien is the go-to researcher for the weird happenings in Colorado’s San Luis Valley. He has written three books about his experiences. His fourth and latest looked at the trickster element in the paranormal. We have already done interviews on all of his books, so this time, we just riffed on whatever came up.

What came up were discussions on his new UFO monitoring system in the San Luis Valley (which has just recently been set up), the underground base, UFO, and Bigfoot lore of Dulce, New Mexico and how the Jicarilla Apache Tribe feels about it, the oblique way of communicating with Native Americans, Phil Imbrogno’s fall from paranormal grace and  strange and scary new case O’Brien has been investigating with Rosemary Ellen Guiley.

Along the way, I hope Chris was able to answer the questions sent in by listeners. We had a lot of fun and I apologize for talking too much, but Chris and I have known each other for many years, and Radio Misterioso is often just an excuse for a conversation. Enjoy.

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From The (old) Archives: Karla Turner – Anomalous Abductee Experiences

This interview was recorded on July 7th, 1994 at the Mutual UFO Network national convention in Austin, Texas. Karla Turner had recently published her second book, Taken: Inside the Human-Alien Abduction Agenda. In all three of her published works on abductions, she pulled no punches and left no details unreported, whether describing her own experiences or those of others who came to her with their own stories.

My favorite quote from Karla that day, and one I have come back to many times in the 17 years since, was “The truth to me more likely is going to lie in the anomalous details.” After our talk, we kept in touch by phone and Karla kept me supplied with leads and contacts for my own research as well as any help I could provide to her. I came to consider her a friend and was shocked and saddened when she died of cancer in 1996.

Most of the text was published in The Excluded Middle, and is available in the book Wake Up Down There! Wes Nations from Crash Collusion magazine asked a few questions as well. This was perhaps the third or fourth interview I conducted, and it shows. I should also apologize for the quality of the recording, which was digitized from a mini-cassette. Over at UFOmystic, I wrote about Karla and her influence on my thinking.

The photo above was taken just after the interview.

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Mr. Fab: Music For Maniacs

For the connoisseur of strange sounds and outsider music,  Music For Maniacs is a treasure trove of the best. This is something like the fifth time Mr. Fab has appeared on the show, and it’s probably the strangest collection of musical oddness to which he’s treated us so far.

We started with one-of-a-kind recording from “EJH,” which stands for “Electronic Jew’s Harp,” played through all sorts of flangers and other electronic gadgetry usually reserved for guitar heroes. Top-notch stuff. There were also recordings of Daffy Duck singing classical tunes and warning us of the dangers of illegal drugs, a Thai recording of the 1975 song “Black Superman” about Muhammad Ali, several selections from a 1963 musical entitled “Space Is So Startling,” and a new recording of William Shatner’s cover of “Rocket Man.”

As always, amazing stuff from our friend Mr.Fab. Enjoy!

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Tim Binnall: Year in Preview

What’s going to happen in 2012? Should we care? Veteran paranormal podcast host Tim Binnall joined me again for our first program of the new year. Our unprepared conversation (i.e. I didn’t have any notes) ranged all over the map, but seemed to focus a great deal on looking forward to the new year and a just a little backwards.

The small, evil “Well, it could happen” voice seems to be whispering more loudly in Tim’s ear than mine, and we discussed our almost purely emotional reasons why. We also went over some of the Binnall of America shows from this past year. I was particularly intrigued with the “meat-eating horses” episode. Tim’s show has matured into one of the most wide-ranging and thought-provoking programs in paranormal podcasting, so we also talked shop about producing our respective programs and what motivates and interests us.

Happy New Year and keep listening!

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From The Archives: Peter Jordan – Cattle Mutilations Are Not Done By Aliens

I recently uncovered a rare interview in my cassette tape archives and present it here as a sort of bizarre Christmas/ Holiday present.

The circumstances surrounding this audio file are strange and perhaps a little disturbing. Peter Jordan appeared on Robert Larson’s old Cartoon Pleroma show July 30, 1998 to talk about his 20-year investigation into the cattle mutilation phenomenon centering around Dulce, New Mexico. Robert and I felt it was important to get Jordan’s story out on a commercial radio station and not the pirate station I was broadcasting from at the time.

In 1997, I read reprints of Jordan’s article from a 1982 Fortean Times which revealed his research using remote viewers in a study of mutilations. Just as many police departments have quietly used psychics to solve some cases, Jordan enlisted the help of four unnamed individuals to reveal helpful hints about the probable non-“alien” nature of unexplained cattle deaths. He (and other noted mutilation researchers such as the late Gabe Valdez) suspected long ago that some answers could probably be found in the world of biological warfare and surprisingly, the beef industry. Both involved possible coverups of pathogens which may have been accidentally released into the environment sometime in the early- to mid-1970s. There were also tributaries leading to drug companies and land grabs.

The disturbing part of this interview is that Jordan promised and wanted to come back on he show to discuss things further, but he called me a few days before his next appearance and said that he didn’t want to speak on the subject any more. He never answered any of my emails or phone calls again.

This interview remains one of the few instances where Peter Jordan shared his research so openly in a public forum. There is a great deal of information here that you will hear nowhere else. More info about Jordan and other sources that I published at the time can be seen at the Excluded Middle site. For more on the non-ET aspects of this subject, see the National Institute For Discovery Science findings on mutilations.

The audio quality starts off fair, but improves throughout the program. Sorry, but all of the contact info given out on this show is now defunct. Robert’s current show is Out The Rabbit Hole on Irvine (CA)’s station KUCI on Thursdays from 4-5PM PST.

Image: Fortean Times #38, 1982 with cover story by Peter Jordan.

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Two Week Hiatus, Archived Shows, Mac Tonnies

I’m out of town for two weeks, so there will be no live shows, but we’ll be back with Tim Binnall on New Year’s day to talk UFO trash, the rise in quantity and the slide in quality of paranormal radio, and anything else that comes to mind.

In the meantime, I will be posting a couple of classic shows that I recently discovered in my archives (this time, it was in an old ammunition box in the garage.) If I can get permission from Robert Larson, one of them will be a long-lost 1998 interview with cattle mutilation researcher Peter Jordan which we conducted on his live radio show Cartoon Pleroma. The other is my 1994 interview with famed abduction researcher and writer Karla Turner, which occurred at the annual MUFON convention in Austin, Texas.

Recently, my late friend Mac Tonnies’ mom Dana sent me a few of his pictures and writings. I’ll post more of them over the next few weeks. Here’s a badass pic of Mac in a graveyard. And yes, I think he would have liked that I posted it. It was taken as a promo for some of his early stories.


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From the Archives: Marla James – In the Trenches with Ghosts

Marla James is a parnanormal investigator in the Orange County (CA) area. she appeared on the show in late 2007 to discuss her research and opinions on and theories of apparent ghost activity. Walter Bosley actually conducted about half of the interview, since he was working with James on his book Latitiude 33.

We started off with a discussion of the tools of the trade. James and her husband actually use a Playskool audio recorder to try and capture so-called eletro-voice phenomena. James says that they work just as well as their more expensive equipment, especially for picking up voices of what appear to be children. She also uses visible and infrared cameras, which she claims have recorded identical phenomena, including the ubiquitous “orbs.” She described a poltergeist case in Fountain Valley, CA where hot water was seen shooting out of walls where there were no water pipes. She also described serious physical attacks by apparent entities, which are apparently very rare.

We discussed cursed places and possible reasons for supposed “portals” of bad fortune. James also says that there are (or were) satanic cults operating in the small tourist town of Jerome Arizona, which is also known as a haunting hotspot. We finish with a few ideas about how lab parapsychology may inform paranormal field research.

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From the Archives: Scott Corrales – Chupacabras and Other Mysteries

No guest last Sunday, so we present a gem from the archives.

Many of you may be aware of my old show called The Hungry Ghost, which aired on pirate FM radio station KBLT from 1997 to 1999. On July 1st of 1998, I talked to hispanic researcher Scott Corrales, who had just published his book Chupacabras And Other Mysteries. Scott also wrote a few articles for my old magazine, so at that time I had already known him for a few years.

We talked about the history of the chupacabras, and how sightings had spread in an almost rumorlike way throughout Latin American countries. Scott spoke on the history of strangeness in Puerto Rico, including a thing called the “Moca Vampire,” which terrorized the countryside in the 1970s. We also discussed various theories about these goings-on and how the human mind might be connected to the paranormal.

Graduating from a print ‘zine in 2005, Scott now maintains the excellent site Inexplicata: The Journal of Hispanic Ufology.

The recording begins with the show in progress. I had to convert the interview from a cassette tape and it is unfortunately not complete, but 99% of the show is here. At the pirate station, the interviews were often an hour or less. Listeners must also excuse the audio levels throughout the program, as I was both inexperienced as an engineer and using jerry-rigged equipment to boot.

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Dr. Barry Taff: The Entity and More

Dr. Taff is best known for his study of the “Entity” case of 1974, which was subsequently made into a 1982 feature film. Dr. Taff earned his doctorate in psychophysiology with a minor in biomedical engineering from UCLA. He also worked in the parapsychology lab at UCLA from 1969 through 1978 as a research associate where he studied precognition, ESP, and investigated reports of poltergeists and hauntings, and has continued over the last 40 years to log over 4000 cases. He also holds five medical patents.

A couple of months ago listener Ward suggested Dr. Taff as a guest which reminded me that I have wanted to talk to him for years. We started off with a history of the UCLA lab and Dr. Taff’s work there, including a study of his own apparent psychic abilities.

We also covered remote viewing, some of Taff’s more edgy ghost investigations and  various theories about the paranormal and ended with his history of UFO studies and experiences with early (1970s) abductions.

Dr, Taff has recently been stricken with severe cataracts and a fund has been set up to help him cover the considerable medical costs. If you want to help out, you can donate here.

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Richard Senate: Ghost Hunter

Richard Senate has been chasing ghosts and hauntings for 23 years. In that time, he has witnessed a laundry list of paranormal phenomena and developed a small list of theories about what might be causing the activity.

We began the interview with a short discussion of his adventure fiction. His newest collection of short stories is entitled, Thrilling Adventure Tales In The Age of Steam. We spent the next two hours in deep discussion about his countless ghost cases. From the poltergeist that manifested a dancing clown in a hallway to a phantom wound on a psychic that bled profusely but very quickly healed, a talk with Richard Senate is always full of strange and unsettling stories. Throughout the conversation, we kept coming back to possible theories that would make sense of some of the phenomena. Mr. Senate also busted a few myths about ghosts and related phenomena.

We ended with Mr. Senate’s plea for cooperation amongst paranormal researchers in order to advance what is seen as a hobby for amateurs into more of a scientific pursuit.

His newest ghost book is Silver Ghosts: Haunted Places and Phantom Encounters In Northern Nevada.

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Bill Moore, Wayne Cowdrey and Arthur Vanick: Who Really Wrote the Book of Mormon?

Richard Senate had to postpone his appearance until next week, and I’m out of town, so here is a long-promised “lost” interview (from almost exactly six years ago) featuring Bill Moore and his co-authors discussing their 2005 book Who Really Wrote the Book of Mormon?: The Spalding Enigma. Cowdrey is actually a descendant of one of the founders of the Mormon Church, and the book was a expanded edition of a 1977 book by Vanick and Cowdrey.

Based on years of research (which was occasionally thwarted by persons unknown) the authors believe that the creation myth of the Mormon Church was based largely on an 1812 book called A Manuscript Found by an American Revolutionary War veteran named Solomon Spalding. They contend that church co-founder Sidney Rigdon borrowed or stole the manuscript from a printer in Pittsburgh after Spalding’s death. It contained the basic story of what Joseph Smith later claimed to have channeled for the Book Of Mormon.

In the book, the authors claim that they are not out to gut the Mormon Church; they were only interested in getting to the bottom of a story that had almost been forgotten, and found literally reams of documentary evidence to support it. Cowdrey himself says in the interview, “We care for the Mormon people, but we think that they’re living under a delusion.”

P.S. Bill Moore is not actually listed as an author, and he explained in the program that this was because he acted as editor and research associate. WARNING: UFOs were not mentioned in this program!

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Richard Sarradet: Spirit and Spies

Richard was live in the studio for the second time on November 6th. We share a lot of history and a lot of it came out in the course of the show. He is one of those people in the background of UFO studies that keeps a low profile and has a lot of sharp insights.

We started with a discussion about our spiritual paths, or at least how it has affected how he look at the anomalous. This led into a discourse about how we may be co-creating our reality and more relevant to this program, how we may be more creative in our experiences with the paranormal than we think. There was also a long reminisce about our late friend and abduction researcher Karla Turner.

Richard and I have also shared some of the same experiences with intelligence people from various government agencies (or claiming to be) and this shaped our opinions about what may be going on with the UFO subject and how the conversation about it is controlled. The people who talked to us cautioned us to be careful about what we accepted as truth, but to listen to everything. Instead of frightening us into catatonia, this advice seemed liberating. We also bought up moon anomalies and possible censorship of photos.

This was a rare show with many insights that haven’t come out in other interviews. I must apologize for all the times I interrupted Richard as he jogged my memory and imagination, but he’s good at that.

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Halloween Show!

Surprise! There wasn’t supposed to be a show this Sunday (and there won’t be, at least not a live one) but I went into the station and put together a Halloween music program to post for my favorite holiday.

Listen and enjoy.

Image above from the independent release “bu!” by the Stealing Orchestra.

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Mac Tonnies Two Years Gone

Some of Mac Tonnies’ best friends and people who continue to be influenced by him got together on the show on October 23rd to reminisce about his life, personality and work. Mac died in his sleep two years ago on the night of October 18th. He was well-known in the UFO community as a reluctant iconoclast and advanced thinker and theorist. He was  well-regarded as a fortean and transhumanist. He was also my friend.

Aaron Gulyas, Tony Morrill, Nick Redfern, Paul Kimball and Mike Clelland joined me for over two hours as we discussed how we met and/or were influenced by Mac and what his legacy might be. We all still miss him terribly and our thoughts go out to his family and other friends.

For more about Mac Tonnies, visit his archived blog, Posthuman Blues, or tribute sites Post Mac Blues and Macbots. His two most well-known books are After the Martian Apocalypse (out of print) and The Cryptoterrestrials. Our interview from July of 2009 can be heard here. Paul and Mac were live in the studio in May of 2006.

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Tony Morrill – Interview With A Listener

This week’s guest called in sick at the last minute, so I asked blogger and Radio Misterioso fan Tony Morrill if he would like to appear a week early. He will also be on the 23rd of October, along with A.J. Gulyas, Paul Kimball and Nick Redfern to talk about the legacy of our late friend Mac Tonnies. Walter was here as well.

We opened tonight’s show with a discussion of the favorite food of Bigfoot, which is apparently blueberry bagels, according to a recent report out of Michigan. Also discussed: The seminal book The Rebirth Of Pan, the influence of John Keel and his maverick outlook on weirdness, a recent study that projects what humans will look like in a few thousand years, the Mike Judge film Idiocracy, our first forays into fortean and UFO literature, paranormal TV shows, what types of paranormal experiences we would like to have and the nature of Bigfoot (paranormal or biological?)

Halfway through the show, outsider musician David Liebe Hart showed up unexpected-like and had me play two of his compositions. He must be psychic, or the synchronicity streams were flowing our way that night.

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Bosley, Kimball and Redfern: UFO Researcher Deaths and Abductions

As mentioned in the preview post, Nick Redfern was in town this weekend. Walter Bosley showed up at the studio, and we got Paul Kimball working on the skype.  First off, we launched into a recap of recent UFO researcher deaths. We talked about British publisher and conference organizer Stuart Miller, and his even-handed and inquisitive attitude. Gabe Valdez was a friend and pioneering cattle mutilation researcher who passed on last month, and we spent a few minutes recalling his valuable contributions. We then moved on to reminisce about the late cantankerous UFO bookseller Bob Girard and his efforts to dissuade people from buying various books he had for sale.

There was some contention about the legacy of the work of the late Budd Hopkins. Paul believes that he was a belief-driven researcher whose work was dangerous to the mental health of some of the abductees he worked with. Nick and I differed on just how damaging he was, but we were all in agreement that the subject appears far too complicated to be reduced to supposed aliens taking people’s DNA and breeding hybrid children.

Near the end of the show, Walter brought up crop circles and we talked about the “hoaxers” who consider their work in the crops as art and sometimes feel that there are non-human forces at work while they make their patterns in the plants.

We ended with a song requested by Paul as a show of solidarity with the recent anti-greed protests in New York and other cities. We forgot to mention the death of Charles Hickson of the Pascagoula abduction. I will post an essay about him soon.

Photos: Nick deep underneath the Devil’s Gate dam in Pasadena, 10/2/11, Paul and I at a minor league baseball game last June.

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Kimball and Redfern Tonight!

The stars aligned just right over the past 24 hours and Nick Redfern is in town. Today I’m taking him on my “Weird L.A.” tour and then we’ll be live in the studio for a 2 hour conversation with Paul Kimball. First up on the agenda will be a discussion of this year’s spate of deaths of UFO personalities and researchers. Then, anything is fair game. Send questions or talking points to

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