Damon Packard: C2C Icons As Movie Characters

Damon Packard is a highly-regarded independent filmmaker from the Los Angeles area. My friend Leni Mandell suggested that I bring him in the studio to talk about his latest film Foxfur.  The non-linear story revolves around a young woman who is evicted from her apartment and meets David Icke, Bob Lazar, and Richard Hoagland while wandering the streets, and eventually meets Semjase, who was Swiss contactee Billy Meier’s angelic alien queen. We talked about the problems of no-budget filmmaking and Packard’s influences. For the first 10 minutes, I tried to convince Damon that the Lazar story was not what it appeared. We also went over the story of Meier and the artistic value of his UFO photos. Leni joined us in the studio for the show and we took one call at the end. Check out Damon’s youtube channel for more.

Above: Packard as L. Ron Hubbard from Craig Baldwin’s 2009 film Mockup On Mu.

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