Don Newcomer: Esoteric Psychology, Psychedelics, and the Paranormal

Don and his wife Beth have been good friends of mine for many years and have both been inspirations and a great source of esoteric information to me. Sigrid and I spent last weekend at their place and since I didn’t want to forego a show just because I was out of town (again) I asked Don if he wanted to be my guest for the first ever live remote Radio Misterioso.

We sat in the dining room with our wives and Fluffy the dog, and began by talking about a theory of perception advanced by UC Berkeley philosopher Alva Noe which takes into account the motor responses of our senses as influences on our experience of the world. We then complained about UFO disclosure for awhile before launching into a discussion of the decimation of the peyote plant and alternatives such as the San Pedro cactus. We also had time to talk about the little-known book Conjuring Up Philip, which described an experiment to create a disembodied spirit and associated phenomena, as well as Don’s preliminary reading of Carl Jung’s famous Red Book. At the end of the program I played a few examples of electro-voice phenomena recorded from shortwave radio in the 1970s.

Don asked as many questions as he fielded and we had a great conversation before we shut it down and jumped back in the swimming pool.

Thanks again to Miles Lewis for the use of the Anomaly Radio Network feed.


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