Live Show Link Change (For July 22nd)

On Sunday evening, Radio Misterioso will be streaming from a different location than the killradio studio. The live show link at the top right corner of the page will switch over to the test stream a few minutes before broadcast at 8PM PST. Click on that link to hear the show live. It is being provided by Miles Lewis of the Anomaly News Syndicate.

At least, this is what I’m planning to do!

We are testing the static link to see if it works properly. I will play music, perhaps talk to friends, and maybe take some calls. I will give out a phone number at that time. If you click the link now, it should be streaming the Anomaly Radio Network.

I am testing another system in order to try and eliminate technical problems, especially with phone/ interview systems. This is in addition to plans for a continuous streaming audio link that plays archived episodes of Radio Misterioso 24/7 (along with the occasional rare UFO audio tracks.)

Thank you for your continued support and keep listening!

Meanwhile, here is an interesting coincidence: The recent revelations by former CIA employee Chase Brandon about Roswell prompted a friend of mine to notice that the 1979 film Flying Saucers Are Real was narrated by a man named Brandon Chase.

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