Albert Rosales: I ♥ Humanoids

Albert Rosales is someone I didn’t know I wanted to interview until Tim Binnall stated the obvious: Why not just ask him?

Albert and I talked about his own history of strange encounters, which led him to create his incredible site called Humanoid Sighting Reports & Journal of Humanoid Studies. It is an unparalleled repository of reports and accounts of human and not-so-human entities reported over the centuries from all over the world. The accounts range from the expected “greys” to such high strangeness as amorphous sparkling blobs.

To his credit, when faced with the breadth and number of the reports, Albert says that the “aliens from other planets” explanation does not work for most accounts. Those who think that the strangeness of “aliens” ends with bald-headed creatures buggering us in the night have much fun and learning awaiting them. The humanoids may not have wanted us to talk about them, as there were a few phone problems.

Thanks to Tim Brigham for the show title suggestion.

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