From the Archives: Some UFO Sightings Solved (?)

No live show tonight, but here is a show that has been waiting in the wings for a couple of years for rebroadcast.

On May 6th of 2010, my friend, author John Shirley presented a contact of his who claimed that he had worked on a hybrid airship that could duplicate many of the the reported movements of classic UFOs (i.e. stopping in midair, abrupt changes of direction, etc.) The man, known only as “Matthew,” said that he believed that this explained the famous “Belgian Triangle” sightings of 1990.

I thought that “Matthew” presented a compelling case that would benefit from further research. A quick open source search did not turn up any such craft as our guest described, but advanced technologies in development seldom receive any publicity. Walter was in the studio to provide his perspective on the history of possible anti-gravity craft.

Image: Alberto Santos-Dumont’s combined aircraft/dirigible experiments of 1906.

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