Inspirational Lectures by William S. Burroughs

Most of the listeners know about my interest in William S. Burroughs. I have mentioned some of his recorded lectures from time to time on the show. Burroughs was a pioneer in  thought as well as writing. I used to joke with my late friend Mac Tonnies that we had listened to more Burroughs than we had read. If you can’t get though one of his classic novels, one of Burroughs’ lectures is just as good.

Paranormal Voices,” posted at, has nothing to do with UFOs, although it does inform my opinions on the paranormal in general. The talk ranges from the cut-up method that Burroughs used in his writing, to recordings of pioneering EVP researcher Constantin Raudive, cut-up audio tapes and the fevered ramblings of the dying gangster Dutch Schultz.

The lecture called “Technology and the Ethics of Wishing” is probably one of the most inspiring talks I have ever heard. The description says “discussion includes rules for wishing, the dogma of science, L. Ron Hubbard, The Big Lie, and sympathetic magic.” That should be enough to get most listeners to download this historic discourse. Perhaps some of you can listen to the talks and we’ll discuss them on the show.

Listening to his voice and thoughts has a strange effect that causes me to think in new ways. It may liberate and refresh your neural pathways too.

Peter Robbins has been rescheduled for this Sunday (5/6.) Please join us then.

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