Peter Robbins: Rendlesham Controversy

Peter Robbins was on the show for his third appearance to discuss the psychological warfare theory of the Rendlesham Incident. His and Larry Warren’s 1997 book Left At East Gate is considered the standard account, and while he does think that there may have been psychological warfare aspects to the story, they definitely do not explain everything, particularly the main encounters of December 26th and December 28, 1980, when Air Force security personnel apparently encountered two strange objects.

In early February, British researcher Sacha Christie claimed that the whole affair was a psychological test or exercise to test the security of the nuclear weapons at Bentwaters Air Force Base. She referred to a document which seemed to indicate that the technology to produce all the reported events and effects were available in 1980. I can’t seem to find any specific references to the Rendlesham events or Bentwaters in the document, but that doesn’t mean that there isn’t a connection or that Christie is wrong. She has been invited to the Rendlesham conference this year, to talk about her abduction research and her own UFO experiences. Peter talked about why he seriously doubts Christie’s conclusions.

I believe that we covered all the questions sent in by listeners and even discussed Peter’s work with abduction researcher Budd Hopkins. Peter has always been an intelligent, thoughtful researcher who is honest about his work, motivations, and the fact that his opinions are open for discussion.

Peter’s Wilhelm Reich papers referenced in the program:
Wilhelm Reich and UFOs Pt.1

Wilhelm Reich and UFOs Pt.2

Wilhelm Reich, Orgone Energy, and UFOs


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