Albert K. Bender’s Contactee Experiences

No live show yesterday, so here is another rare UFO audio gem.

The largest (best attended) indoor UFO convention in US history took place on the weekend of June 24, 1967 in the Hotel Commodore in New York City. Organized by UFO researcher James Moseley, speakers included John Keel and Roy Thinnes, who was the star of the popular Invaders TV show. Tim Beckley recalls:

There were quite a variety of speakers like Venus from the planet Venus, Dr. Frank Stranges, Howard Menger, and in fact Dr. Condon of the infamous Condon Report was there. He was in the audience taking notes.

Another personality who “appeared” so to speak, was Albert K Bender, famous for his founding of the International Flying Saucer Bureau (IFSB), and his book on the Men In Black enigma. Due to unspecified fears or some other reason, he sent a tape recording of his presentation which was played to a room full of eager listeners.

Bender described his MIB experiences, the history of the IFSB and curiously, his growing contactee-type experiences which were going to be part of a book that publisher Gray Barker was going to release. The book never saw the light of day. Barker described it as “not good enough to do anything with.”

Bender apparently lives about 5 miles from me, but I have repeatedly heard that he wants nothing to do with any UFO researchers, so I have left him alone.

I have posted this before at ufomystic, but the link is broken, and I can’t seem to find the speech anywhere else online. The snippet of introduction at the beginning is the voice of Gray Barker.

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