Jim Moseley: Saucer Smear and Other Foibles

Anyone who has been in the UFO biz for even a little while knows about the legendary Saucer Smear zine. What started out as a small and fairly serious newsletter over 50 years ago has evolved into the publication of record for all of the arguments, infighting and feuds amongst researchers and others in the field. Balanced with Moseley’s sharp humor and eye for a good story, Smear remains the only UFO publication that is eagerly awaited and read from start to finish as soon as “nonsubscribers” get their copies in the mail, usually about once a month.

Moseley’s buddy Tim Brigham asked if I would record a conversation with Jim before he goes in for surgery next week. None of us had any set agenda or questions, but the conversation did feature a few comments from Moseley about researchers Bill Moore and Stanton Friedman, and how much he hated 1960s radio personality Long John Nebel. We also talked about the new director if MUFON and his company which offers “mile high club” (sex flights) for hire. There is much more in this conversation, which only lasted an hour and was interrupted twice by phone calls which Jim stopped the interview to answer.

Enjoy this talk with one of the true legends of the field and a good friend.

Image above is the title page of a book we talk about during the interview.

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