Miles Lewis and Tim Brigham: Astral Tickle Torture By Electric Kachina

I asked Tim on the show in the wake of the Jim Moseley interview from last week. Tim’s original plan involved our friend Miles Lewis along for Jim’s interview, but he turned out to be busy. Both are little-known treasure troves of paranormal info: Miles, through his massive Anomaly News Network, and Tim through his long association with Moseley and many mutual friends, as well as his new blog, Mojo Machine.

We began by of course talking about Jim and his huge influence on the field and us three in particular. We went on to question Miles about his work with UFO abductee groups. He did not notice any pattern of conforming to a set story, but did think that the participants were in need of acceptance within the group. We discussed what effect a bad reputation has on paranormal researchers (specifically the new head of MUFON – see Moseley interview.) I also harped on the value of subjective experience of strange events.

The conversation was simply a few people getting together to talk shop on the paranormal, which is one of my favorite ways of doing the show. Enjoy.

(The title is a reference to a dream by our friend Robert Larson. I promised Tim and Miles that I would make it the title of the show. Make of it what you will!)

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