Tim Binnall: Are We Finally Bored With UFOs?

Tim and I spent a couple of hours last Sunday talking shop about paranormal radio, the futility of the “disclosure” movement, and Tim’s plans for a new paranormal conference. We also discussed James Randi, Tim’s favorite interviews from his show (the guest who says Hitler escaped to Argentina was one of his favorites) and when UFO research died.

The takeaway quote from our latest two our conversation was a winner: “The longer you’re in this, the more you have the ability to shut off caring.” Perhaps we’re finally both tired of the same stories and the same ideas which have gone nowhere. Alternatively, we both notice that he present wave of new blood seems to be more anti-ET than ever. In this there may be some hope.

Other subjects discussed: The decline of abduction research compared to the breakup of the Beatles, the end of the world, Bigfoot and UFOS, and difficult guests we’ve had. Enjoy!

P.S. I continue to try and repair my streaming issues. Nicecast seems to be spotty right now. If anyone has any advice, please write to me.

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