Paul Kimball: The Other Side Of Truth

Despite Paul’s aversion to paranormal radio, he will appear on Radio Misterioso if sufficiently coaxed, or in this case, if he is promoting one of his projects. This time it’s his new book, The Other Side Of Truth, named after his long-running blog. I am in the middle of reading it in preparation for writing a foreword, and the book appears slated for release in the fall.

The text is an overview of Kimball’s experiences over the last few years, making films such as Best Evidence: The Top Ten UFO Cases and his TV series Ghost Cases, as well as his numerous opinions on the wide swath of issues surrounding the paranormal and it’s connections to human consciousness and the creative process. We talked about that issue at length on this show, as well as covering baseball, my revelation of the infamous “Falcon” of UFO disinfo fame, the ethics of boxing and UFC (and the death penalty), and how much I dislike the music of Billy Joel.

Unprompted by me, Paul also apologized multiple times for his comments about Budd Hopkins from a few months ago. As he said, “Maybe I’m getting older and wiser.” Maybe we all are.

The full title of Kimball’s upcoming book is The Other Side of Truth The Paranormal, The Art of the Imagination, & the Human Condition. You can learn more about what’s been going on with Paul at his new website. A great conversation with a very good friend, which I hope you enjoy.

Above: Paul (center) with Nick Redfern and the late Mac Tonnies.

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