Chris O’Brien: 20-Plus Years In The Mysterious Valley

Chris O’Brien is the go-to researcher for the weird happenings in Colorado’s San Luis Valley. He has written three books about his experiences. His fourth and latest looked at the trickster element in the paranormal. We have already done interviews on all of his books, so this time, we just riffed on whatever came up.

What came up were discussions on his new UFO monitoring system in the San Luis Valley (which has just recently been set up), the underground base, UFO, and Bigfoot lore of Dulce, New Mexico and how the Jicarilla Apache Tribe feels about it, the oblique way of communicating with Native Americans, Phil Imbrogno’s fall from paranormal grace and  strange and scary new case O’Brien has been investigating with Rosemary Ellen Guiley.

Along the way, I hope Chris was able to answer the questions sent in by listeners. We had a lot of fun and I apologize for talking too much, but Chris and I have known each other for many years, and Radio Misterioso is often just an excuse for a conversation. Enjoy.

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