Adam Gorightly: High Weirdness and Strange Music

Gorightly was on a whirlwind mega 2-city tour promoting his upcoming book release Happy Trails to High Weirdness. It’s sort of an autobiography of all the strangeness he’s encountered in a couple decades of writing about UFOs, conspiracies, psychedelics and the counter-culture. In the second hour we played some strange music I’ve picked up since the last time he appeared on the show.

Subjects that came up in the free-form conversation included: the Tim Biscardi Bigfoot Hoax, the most-likely-not-hoaxed Bigfoot DNA case from last year, and quite a bit about the heavy influence on both of our lives of philosopher Robert Anton Wilson. We also  played a few fun tracks from Adam’s CD release Transmissions From A Dying Planet and listened to a recording of a British dude from the 1960s jabbering in what he says was Venusian and Plutonian.

A good talk with longtime friend. Enjoy and thanks again for your continued support!

Illustration by the very talented caricaturist Dennis Rano.

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