Mr. Fab: Music For Maniacs

For the connoisseur of strange sounds and outsider music,  Music For Maniacs is a treasure trove of the best. This is something like the fifth time Mr. Fab has appeared on the show, and it’s probably the strangest collection of musical oddness to which he’s treated us so far.

We started with one-of-a-kind recording from “EJH,” which stands for “Electronic Jew’s Harp,” played through all sorts of flangers and other electronic gadgetry usually reserved for guitar heroes. Top-notch stuff. There were also recordings of Daffy Duck singing classical tunes and warning us of the dangers of illegal drugs, a Thai recording of the 1975 song “Black Superman” about Muhammad Ali, several selections from a 1963 musical entitled “Space Is So Startling,” and a new recording of William Shatner’s cover of “Rocket Man.”

As always, amazing stuff from our friend Mr.Fab. Enjoy!

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