Tim Binnall: Year in Preview

What’s going to happen in 2012? Should we care? Veteran paranormal podcast host Tim Binnall joined me again for our first program of the new year. Our unprepared conversation (i.e. I didn’t have any notes) ranged all over the map, but seemed to focus a great deal on looking forward to the new year and a just a little backwards.

The small, evil “Well, it could happen” voice seems to be whispering more loudly in Tim’s ear than mine, and we discussed our almost purely emotional reasons why. We also went over some of the Binnall of America shows from this past year. I was particularly intrigued with the “meat-eating horses” episode. Tim’s show has matured into one of the most wide-ranging and thought-provoking programs in paranormal podcasting, so we also talked shop about producing our respective programs and what motivates and interests us.

Happy New Year and keep listening!

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