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The Tarot Part of the Ufology Tarot

The interviews so far for our card project have concentrated on the Ufology” part of the process and philosophy of creating these images. In this interview, our resident tarot and occult expert and team member Susan Demeter joined Miguel Romero … Continue reading

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Shannon Taggart – Séance

Shannon Taggart is an artist and photographer based in Brooklyn, New York.  Her images have been exhibited and featured internationally, including in TIME, the New York Times Magazine, Discover, and Newsweek. We talked about the release of her photography book … Continue reading

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Eric Wargo – Time Loops and Retrocausality

Eric Wargo has written perhaps one of the most important popular science books in the last year. Time Loops proposes that future events can affect the past, and provides detailed descriptions of experimental findings that suggest (some would take it … Continue reading

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Scott Corrales: Hispanic Ufology and the State Of UFO Studies

Scott has been a friend since the mid-1990s, when I published a report of his on the then-new chupacabras phenomenon. We recorded this show as a phone call on August 8th. The conversation ranged from the state of UFO studies to … Continue reading

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Tim Binnall: Year in Preview

What’s going to happen in 2012? Should we care? Veteran paranormal podcast host Tim Binnall joined me again for our first program of the new year. Our unprepared conversation (i.e. I didn’t have any notes) ranged all over the map, … Continue reading

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Donation Button Added

A paypal donation button is now featured in the sidebar (lower right.) I am neither infirm nor homeless (at least not yet, thank goodness) but if you continue to enjoy the shows, please consider donating anything you can to Radio … Continue reading

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Walter Bosley – I Will See You In Time

Now that I have the podcasting working properly, we shall continue where we left off in December (!) Longtime friend and co-host Walter Bosley stopped by last night to talk about his new time travel fiction novel I Will See … Continue reading

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Darren McGovern: Music and Esoterra

Darren has been a friend of mine for a very long time. When we met, we were both embarking on journeys of self-discovery, mainly through the writings of people like Robert Anton Wilson and Israel Regardie. Most listeners of this … Continue reading

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Wacky Music With Mr. Fab

If you read the description over at top right of the page there, this show is supposed to alternate interviews with “weird music and audio.” Here’s a great example. Straight from his excellent blog Music For Maniacs, “Mr. Fab” joined … Continue reading

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Adam Gorightly: The Story of Charles Manson

Poised to release a new edition of his landmark book, The Shadow Over Snata Susana: Black Magic, Mind Control and the Manson Family Mythos, Adam Gorightly was in Los Angeles recently to scout locations for his upcoming promo tour. Originally … Continue reading

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Robert Larson: Co-Founder of The Excluded Middle

If it weren’t for Robert Larson, I probably wouldn’t be involved in the paranormal. We encouraged each other’s interests in the early 1990s, and Robert was an equal contributor to the success of The Excluded Middle, a magazine we co-founded … Continue reading

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Ray Stanford – Part 2

After the mysterious recording failure during our first interview with Ray, we promised to have him back to give the listeners the rest of his story. Stanford’s adult life and experience spans nearly the entire modern history of the UFO … Continue reading

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MUFON International Director James Carrion

James Carrion is the voice of the new Mutual UFO Network. Under his leadership, the UFO enigma may not stand a chance. Carrion actually champions such projects as a look at the effects of the psychoactive substance DMT and its relationship … Continue reading

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Peter Robbins On Roswell, Disclosure And More

That’s Peter on the right with Farah Yurdozu and Steve Bassett. Peter Robbins was my guest again on June 14th. We talked about his work with the City of Roswell, helping to promote and suggest speakers as well as the … Continue reading

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Chris O’Brien: Paranormal Research Is Too Narrow

Most people know researcher/ author Chris O’Brien from his books Mysterious Valley and Enter the Valley, both about his investigations into UFO and cattle mutilation activity in the San Luis Valley (SLV) area of Southern Colorado. We covered these subjects … Continue reading

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Ray Stanford: Contactees, Psychic and Scientific Ufology

Apologies are in order before the intro. For some reason, the automatic recorder that I use to document my shows inexplicably shut off 1 hour before the end of the interview. Ray Stanford entered the world of flying saucers in … Continue reading

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Richelle Hawks: Objectivity is Insidious

This was a fun interview from February 3 of 2008. Richelle Hawks writes a column called Medusa’s Ladder for Binnall of America, is part of a group of female writers on the paranormal at Women of Esoterica and has written … Continue reading

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UFO Music and Readings

Alien writing channeled and painted by Mario Pazzaglini The tag for this site reads “In-depth conversations on the paranormal alternating with weird music and audio.” Here’s an example of the music and audio. Some of the music has since been … Continue reading

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Joe Oesterle: What’s Funny and Why?

Joe in the middle with myself and Mike Marinacci at a book signing in San Francisco Joe Oesterle is a writer, artist and comedy writer and performer. We were co-authors of Weird California, which was published in 2006. Joe and … Continue reading

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Regan Lee: UFOs, Fundie Skeptics and The “Weird” Mindset

Regan Lee’s sites include Orange Orb, Vintage UFO and Snarly Skepticism and she has written for Binnall of America, UFO Digest and American Chronicle. We spoke on January 20, 2008. We talked about fundamentalist skeptics, people who are drawn to … Continue reading

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Nancy Talbott – Crop Circles and More

I interviewed Nancy Talbott on August 10 of 2008. We spoke about the distinct possibility that not all crop circles are made by humans, based on data gathered in the field by Talbott’s organization, BLT Research, for over a decade. … Continue reading

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