Ray Stanford: Contactees, Psychic and Scientific Ufology

Apologies are in order before the intro. For some reason, the automatic recorder that I use to document my shows inexplicably shut off 1 hour before the end of the interview.

Ray Stanford entered the world of flying saucers in the mid-1950s. Just out of high school, Ray and his twin brother Rex took a bus from southern Texas to visit George Adamski at his Palomar (CA) mountain headquarters to find out first hand about that “UFO business.” A few years later (surprise!), Adamski actually admitted to the Stanford brothers that he had hoaxed his entire story.

Ray has little good to say about the early contactees, and on our program actually related an incident of unwelcome homosexual advances at the hand of one of the most prominent figures in the early saucer circus. One personality for whom he still holds a little respect, surprisingly is Truman Bethurum, who claimed contact with a beautiful space maiden named Aura Rhanes.

Stanford was one of the investigators on at the scene at the famous Socorro landing/ trace case of 1966. We talked about what it was like and what happened to a sample of metal he retrieved from the site.

In the 1970s, Stanford was the moving force behind the Association for the Understanding of Man (AUM) and Project Starlight. The former an attempt to decipher the UFO enigma by psychic means, the latter using advanced scientific instruments. We talked about his success rate on both accounts.

I will certainly ask Ray Stanford on the program in the future to take up where we got cut off!

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