Eric Wargo – Time Loops and Retrocausality

Eric Wargo has written perhaps one of the most important popular science books in the last year. Time Loops proposes that future events can affect the past, and provides detailed descriptions of experimental findings that suggest (some would take it a step further and say “prove”) that this concept, called “retrocausality,” is poised to make over physics and other sciences with its implications.

Wargo proposes that dreams are the most basic way that we can experience a peek into the future, and we discussed the dreams and writings of Sigmund Freud as an early, well-documented and prime example of precognition, even though Wargo points out that Freud did not dare suggest that his (and his patients’) dreams foretold the future. When people apparently see events to come (such as the Titanic disaster and 9-11) in startling detail, Wargo says that there is ample evidence to suggest that what is experienced is not a sort of mental travel to the future, but a presentiment of our reaction when we learn about the event (such as reading or hearing about it in the news.)

Wargo also suggested that precognition could be a tool that the human brain has evolved as a defense/ survival mechanism. There were many exciting and indeed controversial issues raised (as indeed they are in his book.) We may be looking at one aspect of a shift in how science is conducted, and that may be the most exciting thing of all. As Wargo said, “anomalies are building up, and that’s when paradigm shifts occur.”

His blog is called The Nightshirt. Check it out.


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