Paul and Jim Kimball – Ghost Investigation for the Rest of Us

Jim (seated) and Paul Kimball on the set of Haunted

I have known Paul Kimball and his brother for over a decade. In that time, I have worked with both of these talented guys on a few projects. The most popular of the programs from their production company is the ghost hunting series Haunted, which until recently, was airing exclusively in Eastern Canada. It has recently become available on Vimeo to the rest of the world.

The show is just the kind of ghost investigation program that I like: non-sensationalistic, thoughtful, and most importantly, the participants have fun while they engage in a serious examination of the locations, stories, and events that they encounter, some of which are definitely creepy.

Jim Kimball is the producer and technical director of Haunted, and has assumed an increasing role in front of the camera as well (#morejim.) He and his brother joined me to talk about their methodology, the logistics of producing a paranormal television series, as well as some of the strangest and most disturbing things they have encountered during production and sometimes afterwards, including the apparent temporary possession of cast member Holly Stevens and a continuing string of synchronicities.

Episodes available here.


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