Rich Hoffman – The Scientific Coalition for Ufology

Two weeks ago, I attended the very first Scientific Coalition for Ufology (SCU) conference in Huntsville, AL, just outside the gates of the historic Redstone Arsenal, one of the birthplaces of NASA. The SCU was formed in part to address the lack of sober, analytical methods in the civilian study of the UFO phenomenon.

The conference featured presenters such as Dr. Travis Taylor, who examined the possibility of an extraterrestrial invasion and how humans could react, Dr. Kevin Knuth on the possibilities of sub-light space travel, and detailed reports from the SCU on two recent famous cases (a video of an apparent anomalous object recorded by a Customs and Border Patrol aircraft in 2013, and the Nimitz carrier group incident from 2004.) The keynote was given by Luis Elizondo of the To The Stars Academy. We talked about these presentations and the mission of the SCU, which is gaining traction in the field.

One of the things that Rich said gave me hope: he stated that the SCU would remain small and would encourage cooperation from other small groups to work on differing aspects of the subject. This is all in an effort to lift the stigma that surrounds it and to get “serious people to take the subject seriously,” as one UFO researcher famously said.

Photo: Hoffman speaks at the conference.


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