2018 Paranormal Year In Review with Tim Binnall

Binnall of America lives! This past Sunday, Tim and I continued the tradition and did a simulcast of our shows to examine and chew on all that has happened in the past 12 months.

We spoke about how the TTSA has, as Tim said, “sucked all the air out of ufology” with their announcements and media blitz. This seemed to be the “year of the UFO” as we had not one, but THREE pilot sightings in the news. Tim asked about aircraft and piloting issues as well as drones, all of which I can comment about with some authority, and how accurate the news coverage might have been.

Three towns in the U.S. have declared Bigfoot their official animal or mascot. We spoke on the rise of the subject in the public consciousness. Speaking of animals, there was a glut of raccoon stories this year. We mused that the masked bandits may take the place of the owl in UFO folklore.

Finally, we spoke of those who have left us in the past year, such as Art Bell, Robert O. Dean, and John Anthony West, all of whom I have had some personal interaction with over the years. At the end of the show, Tim predicted that 2019 will be the “year of the UFO.”


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