Peter Robbins On Roswell, Disclosure And More

That’s Peter on the right with Farah Yurdozu and Steve Bassett.

Peter Robbins was my guest again on June 14th. We talked about his work with the City of Roswell, helping to promote and suggest speakers as well as the weird split of three different conventions going on at the same time. Next, we talked about the “disclosure” issue and his unique take on the subject.

How do you talk to someone who is interested in UFOs, but really have no background in the subject? Robbins says that people will usually want a snap explanation, but aren’t willing to do their own research before making up their minds.

He also talks about possible government sabotage of his Bentwaters Incident research, the events and study that led him to his beliefs about the abduction scenario, and a bit about his research into the life of controversial scientist Wilhelm Reich. Based on a question from a listener, Robbins’ reminisces about his sister, “Helen Wheels,” who was a punk rock icon as well as experiencing a series of abduction episodes.

Sorry, but the last couple of minutes of the interview are missing due to difficulties with a remote recorder which a friend was using. I have acquired a portable digital recorder which should eliminate any future problems.

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