Richelle Hawks: Objectivity is Insidious

This was a fun interview from February 3 of 2008. Richelle Hawks writes a column called Medusa’s Ladder for Binnall of America, is part of a group of female writers on the paranormal at Women of Esoterica and has written articles for UFO Digest. Her home page blog is entitled Beamships Equal Love.

We talked about objectivity as an enemy of paranormal research, her investigation of a possible murder connected to Aliester Crowley (based on an enigmatic grave marker), the influence of the occult on anomalies research, old/new and female UFO contactees, the merit of channeled messages, controversy surrounding the spiricom device, her Men In Black experiences, a strange sighting of a tethered helicopter, her discovery of an alien face hidden in Crowley’s famous LAM drawing, and blog trolls.

The interview tended to be more of a conversation than most RadioMisterioso shows, but we did get deeper into some of the subjects because of it.

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