From The Archives: Peter Jordan – Cattle Mutilations Are Not Done By Aliens

I recently uncovered a rare interview in my cassette tape archives and present it here as a sort of bizarre Christmas/ Holiday present.

The circumstances surrounding this audio file are strange and perhaps a little disturbing. Peter Jordan appeared on Robert Larson’s old Cartoon Pleroma show July 30, 1998 to talk about his 20-year investigation into the cattle mutilation phenomenon centering around Dulce, New Mexico. Robert and I felt it was important to get Jordan’s story out on a commercial radio station and not the pirate station I was broadcasting from at the time.

In 1997, I read reprints of Jordan’s article from a 1982 Fortean Times which revealed his research using remote viewers in a study of mutilations. Just as many police departments have quietly used psychics to solve some cases, Jordan enlisted the help of four unnamed individuals to reveal helpful hints about the probable non-“alien” nature of unexplained cattle deaths. He (and other noted mutilation researchers such as the late Gabe Valdez) suspected long ago that some answers could probably be found in the world of biological warfare and surprisingly, the beef industry. Both involved possible coverups of pathogens which may have been accidentally released into the environment sometime in the early- to mid-1970s. There were also tributaries leading to drug companies and land grabs.

The disturbing part of this interview is that Jordan promised and wanted to come back on he show to discuss things further, but he called me a few days before his next appearance and said that he didn’t want to speak on the subject any more. He never answered any of my emails or phone calls again.

This interview remains one of the few instances where Peter Jordan shared his research so openly in a public forum. There is a great deal of information here that you will hear nowhere else. More info about Jordan and other sources that I published at the time can be seen at the Excluded Middle site. For more on the non-ET aspects of this subject, see the National Institute For Discovery Science findings on mutilations.

The audio quality starts off fair, but improves throughout the program. Sorry, but all of the contact info given out on this show is now defunct. Robert’s current show is Out The Rabbit Hole on Irvine (CA)’s station KUCI on Thursdays from 4-5PM PST.

Image: Fortean Times #38, 1982 with cover story by Peter Jordan.

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