Two Week Hiatus, Archived Shows, Mac Tonnies

I’m out of town for two weeks, so there will be no live shows, but we’ll be back with Tim Binnall on New Year’s day to talk UFO trash, the rise in quantity and the slide in quality of paranormal radio, and anything else that comes to mind.

In the meantime, I will be posting a couple of classic shows that I recently discovered in my archives (this time, it was in an old ammunition box in the garage.) If I can get permission from Robert Larson, one of them will be a long-lost 1998 interview with cattle mutilation researcher Peter Jordan which we conducted on his live radio show Cartoon Pleroma. The other is my 1994 interview with famed abduction researcher and writer Karla Turner, which occurred at the annual MUFON convention in Austin, Texas.

Recently, my late friend Mac Tonnies’ mom Dana sent me a few of his pictures and writings. I’ll post more of them over the next few weeks. Here’s a badass pic of Mac in a graveyard. And yes, I think he would have liked that I posted it. It was taken as a promo for some of his early stories.


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