Walter’s Back: Listener Call-Ins, Individuality, and Bill Moore’s FBI File

Over the last two weeks, my friend and long-lost co-host Walter Bosley returned to sit in for a couple of sessions. Although he professed his exasperation with the UFO subject, we talked about that and more with a few listeners. Ward, our friend from Southern California, called for almost the entire first show (from 2/26) and we wandered around subjects like “zones of fear,” the “psy-op” angle on the Bentwaters military UFO encounter, an independent verification (by Bill Moore of all people) of an obscure player in the Roswell drama that Walter’s father knew, possible air and space travel in the 19th century, and the last revelations of the late cattle mutilation researcher and New Mexico State Policeman Gabe Valdez.

We continued the conversation on March 4th with a short wrap-up of the Alternative Universe Conference, which was apparently the first-ever completely online paranormal convention, and occurred the day before. Walter and I were two of the featured speakers. We had a longish discussion about the individual vs. the collective or universal consciousness. We then talked about UFO researcher Bill Moore’s FBI files, which Walter (a former FBI employee himself) had a chance to examine earlier in the day. We had a first-time caller (Vicki from Hawaii) and Ward again for the last 1/3d of the program.

A fun couple of shows which you will enjoy I am sure. I inserted a tone between the two shows as a marker for listeners. I will be back next week with a new show and perhaps a guest.

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