Popup Show – Susan Demeter – The Cosmic Witch

It was suggested that I restart the “popup” idea in order to get back to posting shows more often. These programs are about 30 minutes in length and posted within a day of the interview.

Susan‘s latest book is entitled Cosmic Witch, and we discussed the events, ideas, and research that led to its writing. Susan sees definite connections between parapsychology, ghost hunting, witchcraft and UFOs. Near the end of the program, we also talked about her latest blog post on the strange trans-solar object known as “Omuamua” and the possibility that it was artificial, as proposed by Harvard astronomer Avi Loeb.


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4 Responses to Popup Show – Susan Demeter – The Cosmic Witch

  1. Simon says:

    Interesting short interview with Demeter. I find it interesting that we are seeing a resurgence of interest in environmentalism, magic, occultism, paganism and UFOs at the same time and even in the same overall social context – something that was last the case in the 1960s and 1970s. Right down to the detail about mainstream science actually starting to for once start taking ufology seriously and treat the subject with respect. I am not just thinking about Jacques Vallée’s career trajectory alone but also going through old issues of “Flying Saucer Review” where I am surprised at how many mainstream scientists were willing to spend time and resources on the subject back then… something that is coming back.

    This makes me wonder why the Zeitgeist right now contains so many of the same elements as in the 1970s, sometimes even in the exact same combinations.

  2. Alister says:

    Excellent. I have been very much looking forward to your next broadcast. I’ve just been listening to you with Jeff Ritzmann (RIP) on Where did the road go’s tribute series. It seam’s that Seriahs show has tided me over until you found a new incite to discuss. Woo hoo! Love Radio Misterioso. Can’t get enough. Keep em coming Greg, every discussion here really resonates with my own journey into the weird.

  3. Greg the recent confession of the Navy pilots observing a Pyramid-triangle craft and the Pentagon “committee” (set by a Senator) not knowing what it is – corroborates the sightings that the triangle craft is actually the Airforce (Space Innovation Center) – out of Colorado….

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