Popup Show – Susan Demeter – The Cosmic Witch

It was suggested that I restart the “popup” idea in order to get back to posting shows more often. These programs are about 30 minutes in length and posted within a day of the interview.

Susan‘s latest book is entitled Cosmic Witch, and we discussed the events, ideas, and research that led to its writing. Susan sees definite connections between parapsychology, ghost hunting, witchcraft and UFOs. Near the end of the program, we also talked about her latest blog post on the strange trans-solar object known as “Omuamua” and the possibility that it was artificial, as proposed by Harvard astronomer Avi Loeb.


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  1. Greg the recent confession of the Navy pilots observing a Pyramid-triangle craft and the Pentagon “committee” (set by a Senator) not knowing what it is – corroborates the sightings that the triangle craft is actually the Airforce (Space Innovation Center) – out of Colorado….

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