Eric Wargo – Time Loops and Retrocausality

Eric Wargo has written perhaps one of the most important popular science books in the last year. Time Loops proposes that future events can affect the past, and provides detailed descriptions of experimental findings that suggest (some would take it a step further and say “prove”) that this concept, called “retrocausality,” is poised to make over physics and other sciences with its implications.

Wargo proposes that dreams are the most basic way that we can experience a peek into the future, and we discussed the dreams and writings of Sigmund Freud as an early, well-documented and prime example of precognition, even though Wargo points out that Freud did not dare suggest that his (and his patients’) dreams foretold the future. When people apparently see events to come (such as the Titanic disaster and 9-11) in startling detail, Wargo says that there is ample evidence to suggest that what is experienced is not a sort of mental travel to the future, but a presentiment of our reaction when we learn about the event (such as reading or hearing about it in the news.)

Wargo also suggested that precognition could be a tool that the human brain has evolved as a defense/ survival mechanism. There were many exciting and indeed controversial issues raised (as indeed they are in his book.) We may be looking at one aspect of a shift in how science is conducted, and that may be the most exciting thing of all. As Wargo said, “anomalies are building up, and that’s when paradigm shifts occur.”

His blog is called The Nightshirt. Check it out.


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  1. This was a great discussion, and Eric is fast cementing into one of the most interesting thinkers in the field.


    I do have to point out I find it difficult to reconcile such novel thinking with remarks such as “Materialism isn’t going anywhere” and “Information is *also* matter.” That last one makes absolutely no sense to me at all. It’s like arguing thoughts are also matter, because we can measure the blood flow inside the different parts of the brain with a scanner. You’re just measuring the ‘material’ effects of thoughts, because that’s the only thing your material instruments are capable of doing, but limiting the essence of a thing by the limitation of your instruments is unfair.

    IMHO to disregard the question about Consciousness –with a capital C– and saying it is not that “useful” at this point, is akin to intellectual dishonesty. Because it would be far easier (and honest) to admit precognition is just another nail in the coffin of Materialism, and to start taking seriously what people like Dean Radin are proposing –and all the other great scientists who laid the ground for quantum mechanics ended up saying by the end of their careers, too: that Consciousness is the PRECURSOR of Matter, and not the other way around.

    Otherwise Wargo’s work, as stimulating as it is, will be just the latest iteration of “shut up and calculate –oh, but now add Retrocausality to the equation.”

  2. Sorry but Jeffrey Kripal dreadfully misrepresented the nonwestern meditation tradition in India with Ramakrishna. This is well detailed by another professor – I did a blogpost on this.'s_Child_Revisited

    That review exposes the serious flaws with Jeffrey Kripal


    ETH back on the table – article by Eric Wargo…

    yes RPJ – I agree with you. Eric Wargo is in psychological denial about the microtubule argument from Stuart Hameroff (with whom I’ve corresponded). Sir Roger Penrose, the collaborator with Hameroff, has his whole emphasis on why calculating is NOT consciousness.

    This problem is a deep Western bias – what I call the “rotten root” – and it has to do with mathematical logic that we all learn by 10th grade. We all get brainwashed with the Pythagorean Theorem (gasp!). Everyone knows the Pythagorean Theorem “has” to be proven. haha. Unless you really study math on a deep level (oops!).

    I’ve also corresponded with the Indian physicist in Japan who corroborated the microtubule model of Hameroff and Penrose. I’ll quote him. Dr. Bandyopadhyay provided the crucial ultrasound evidence of the microtubules with 3000 times greater conductance than the tubulin.

    “I think no human could be rebuilt from scratch because of one factor. The initial phase values of clocking Bloch spheres are unknown. Every thing in this universe is a clocking Bloch sphere.” Anirban Bandyopadhyay email response to me, May 2017

    So a Bloch sphere is what is used for quantum logic but here we have a quantum physicist emphasizing the same point of Sir Roger Penrose – what’s called the “Measurement Problem” due to time-frequency uncertainty. Logically it is solved by “noncommutative phase” logic. Something that hardly anyone knows about! haha.

    I was promoting quantum biology and qigong meditation on the “top” science blog of PZ Myers – back in 2006. I got banned – for being woo-woo. But now not only is quantum biology accepted but even meditation is becoming accepted.

    The key point here – is when Eric mentions Schroedinger on quantum biology, the concept of “Negentropy” actually reveals the cause of today’s ecological crisis as well, due to entropy. I won’t go into this. I’m just saying this Techno-fetish Scientism that is the vogue in “science writing” – is in great denial about the ecological crisis and how it’s tied to the wrong classical symmetric math logic.

    As far as precognition – this is something I’ve had a lot of experience with. I highly recommend the book “Transcendent Dreaming” by psychologist Dr. Christina Donnell (also a Tai Chi master and initiated into indigenous Andean meditation)…

    Also in regards to quantum physics, Retrocausation and UFOS – then Dr. Jack Sarfatti would be a MUST to interview. I’ve corresponded with him as well. I realize he’s tied to the whole SRI scene. Actually it was Olivier Costa de Beauregard, the assistant of Louis de Broglie, who launched the Retrocausal model. He called it “Retroparation” and he indeed did promote this quantum physics as explaining precognition, telekinesis, etc.

    I have quotes from him on my blog. But speaking from my own experience of precognition and meditation – the precognitive dreams and visions are more vivid than normal dreams – and even more vivid than being awake! This leads to the conclusion that being awake is more of a dream than the spiritual state that is beyond death, as NDErs report also the sensations being much more vivid. In other words our perceptions are directly quantum and in meditation we access this directly. For example I directly smelled cancer – non-locally – as rotting death flesh smell. This experience and others – seeing ghosts – were corroborated by qigong master Chunyi Lin of

  4. I got spam filtered out for my comment being too long I guess. The main “retrocausal” model that Eric refers to with this Glass Block universe – assumes a time symmetry measurement. I have corresponded with Dr. Ruth E. Kastner on quantum physics and music – here she supports the retrocasual model but not the time symmetry model. It seems like an obscure difference but actually it defines why type of technology would be enabled, as Eric seems fixated on the technological implications. thanks

  5. Olivier Costa de Beauregard was the first to propose retrocausality but he called it Retroparation:
    “…the miraculous phenomenon – convergent final state with coherent phase – may be more or less “simulated” by a “conspiracy of causes” in the form of antecedent sources that are coherent in phase….Louis de Broglie thought I was completely mad. Nevertheless I published the idea…but I believe that much significance is lost by not making use of relativistic quantum mechanics. In sum the “new quantum mechanics” describes and experiment entirely confirms, the paradoxical correlation, or non-separability in B. D’Espagnat’s phrase, either between two distance measurements…or between two distant preparations for measurement…coupled by their common past or future respectively…. I assert then that relativistic quantum mechanics accounts completely for all this…the observer is also an actor, and therefore what parapsychologists call “psychokinesis” must be logically accepted. “Precognition” too must be logically accepted if the future exists in actuality, and if convergent waves are not to be discounted. The indirect transmission of messages to Elsewhere along Feynman lines implies “telepathy” and “telekinesis” – and this is what frightened Einstein, twice mentioning “telepathy” in this connection in 1949, Schroedinger using the word “magic” in 1935, and de Broglie, seeing in 1956, “an incompatibility with our conventional notions of space and time.”

    Olivier Costa de Beauregard, “Cosmos and Consciousness,” in Science and Consciousness: Two Views of the Universe, 1980

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