Roswell Roundtable 2017

Two weeks ago, I gathered together a group of friends in our hotel room at Roswell, where the 70th anniversary festivities had just concluded. I was joined by Peter Robbins, Jack Brewer, Nick Redfern, Miles Lewis, and Adam Sayne to discuss the events of the weekend, and other UFO-type issues.

To start off with a bang, Nick described his run-in with a neo-nazi, for which I was present. There was a small debate about the Travis Walton incident, with some insight from Peter on the background of the episode. There was a discussion of the timeline of the Roswell events. Nick pointed out that the view of UFOs in 1947 was much different than we conceive of it now. Adam read contemporary man-on-the-street comments from the local paper that were gathered less than a week after the event. Peter described attending a United Nations presentation on the UFO subject in 1978, which featured speeches by Stanton Friedman, J.Allen Hynek, and Jacques Vallée.

We went around the room and those who had given presentations at the conventions offered a summary of their lectures, which led to a segment on government involvement, which is a specialty of Jack Brewer’s. Nick told about his interaction with Tom DeLonge and we ended with a critique of the concept of UFO disclosure.

Photo: Someone improved the elevator at the hotel.


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5 Responses to Roswell Roundtable 2017

  1. Laurence L. Zankowski says:

    I hope you do more of these round tables with folks that you have just met or wishing to have on your show.

    I know it is probably difficult as herding cats but maybe this Roswell site / event could be the annual Greg Bishop Bang Up / Blow Up / Lets Get Real – Gathering

    Now to check out your guests web sites and see where they are heading.

    Be well

  2. Gheron says:

    An instant RM classic. A really good balance of guests and ideas. I still find Roswell interesting from the following perspectives
    – History of Ufology
    – How the belief systems\lore\ religions of ufology developed
    – Learning from mistakes
    – Government involvement

    However, along with many others I am sure, I don’t think the popular account of what happened offers much to help us understand what might be going on. In fact I’m not sure I like what the implications of the popular account being true would be.

    Would have been interested to hear from Peter Robbins about recent Rendlesham “events”.

  3. Purrlie says:

    I would never buy a used car nor an alien abduction story from Peter Robbins. He recently had to recant his involvement with and support of Larry Warren’s Rendlesham story, likely because Charles Halt wouldn’t let stand the lies in Robbins’ and Larry Warren’s book and went on the offensive over it. Robbins’ defense after his attacks on Halt failed? Warren lied to him. Robbins believes Travis Walton? So what? He believed Larry Warren’s lies, if you believe him. A real bastion of credibility, Robbins. Yeah, right.

    Meanwhile, while many in the UFO community have been self-righteously excoriating abduction researcher David Jacobs (whom I’m not at all supporting here) because of his highly questionable methods with alleged abductees, Robbins has been spared any scrutiny despite having aided and abetted Budd Hopkins for years (whom he still speaks about highly), another researcher whose methods were highly questionable.

    Because he comes across as gentlemanly, reasonable, knowledgeable, and articulate, Robbins gets more time at any podium than he deserves (and he got it here, too). At least this time we were spared his late sister’s alien abduction story (which conveniently, she’s no longer around to either confirm, deny, or present her version). Remember, a good con man has mastered the art of seeming credible and believable to the marks.

    A round table was a great idea. But sorry, this wasn’t a round table. It was a Robbins monologue where nobody else seemed able to grab the mike away from him for more than a minute or two.

    Anyway, looking forward to you hopefully interviewing Jack Brewer sometime in the future. His take on the UFO phenomenon is fresh and his thinking is clear as a bell. Don’t pay any attention to his good ole boy delivery, he’s one of the sharpest tacks in the box.

    • Greg says:

      Glad you (sort of) enjoyed the show. Anyone who is “gentlemanly, reasonable, knowledgeable, and articulate” is welcome on my show no matter what our disagreements. I cannot agree with your assessment of Peter as a “con man” at all. I have questioned him (critically) about his association with Hopkins in the past on this program. I don’t think he took any lion’s share of the conversation in this show, although his comments were longer than others.

      I will have Jack Brewer on the show. We got along very well during the conference.

      • Purrlie says:

        I kept waiting (and waiting) to hear more from the others, a couple of whom I’ve never heard before. But they were out-talked.

        If you do this again, maybe you need to take on the role of “teacher” and call on other people when someone won’t relinquish the floor. Take this as a suggestion, not a criticism.

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