Paul Kimball – Returning to Old Haunts

Last Sunday, I wasn’t planning to to record a live show, mainly because I was all the way out in Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada attending researcher/ writer/ filmmaker and friend Paul Kimball’s wedding. Since he wasn’t leaving on a honeymoon right away, Paul actually suggested that we do the show live from his office. He’s dropping back into the UFO biz a little bit, so we got him up to speed, although it appears that he is already well on the way.

Recently off a provincial election, where he came in a respectable second in a field of five candidates, and about to continue location shooting for his new ghost hunting show Haunted, Paul took the time to comment on the recent release of (so-called) “MJ-12” documents, the recent scandal at MUFON, as well as some of the more exciting, mysterious and even creepy occurrences on the set of the show. At the end, we also had time to discuss the subject of skepticism, the value of open sources, and not jumping to conclusions.

Photo – Paul and Mr. Blueberry, Oxford, Nova Scotia.


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2 Responses to Paul Kimball – Returning to Old Haunts

  1. Bob B. says:

    I recall hearing Sean David Morton interviewed by Art Bell many times years ago. He was recurring guest, probably partly ’cause he had “the gift of the gab”. He was quite entertaining to listen to. Too bad it later turned out most of his “gab” & claims he made were B.S. A habitual liar. I liked his fake story he told of supposedly learning paranormal abilities as a student of Tibetan Buddhist “black hat monks” as he called them at some mysterious monastery he visited in the foothills of the Himalayas – that didn’t exist as we later learned!

    This Misterioso show mentions Greg Bishop attended Morton’s recent trial in L.A. on fraud charges which resulted in his conviction. Sentencing was to come later. On googling Morton today, there’s news out today Morton skipped out of his sentencing hearing and a warrant’s been issued for his arrest as a fugitive from justice! With luck, his “black hat monk” pals with offer him refuge in their monastery.

  2. Andy says:

    I wonder if Paul’s political or investigatory peregrinations have ever taken him to the old French port and fortress of Louisbourg. I see from the Louisbourg map that it has a street in honor of General Wolfe. The little town of Ticonderoga, near where I live, has a street in honor of General Montcalm, to even things out a bit…

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