Tim Binnall: Year in Preview

What’s going to happen in 2012? Should we care? Veteran paranormal podcast host Tim Binnall joined me again for our first program of the new year. Our unprepared conversation (i.e. I didn’t have any notes) ranged all over the map, but seemed to focus a great deal on looking forward to the new year and a just a little backwards.

The small, evil “Well, it could happen” voice seems to be whispering more loudly in Tim’s ear than mine, and we discussed our almost purely emotional reasons why. We also went over some of the Binnall of America shows from this past year. I was particularly intrigued with the “meat-eating horses” episode. Tim’s show has matured into one of the most wide-ranging and thought-provoking programs in paranormal podcasting, so we also talked shop about producing our respective programs and what motivates and interests us.

Happy New Year and keep listening!

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34 Responses to Tim Binnall: Year in Preview

  1. JT says:

    That was a fun diversion: backdoor pass to the paranormal podcast!

    I’ll second the suggestion of looking into a Sky Noise Phenomena show. I don’t know if he’d be exactly the correct person, but Paul Devereux has been looking into archaeoacoustics and he’s written extensively about everything from Phantom Hitchhikers to Ley Lines, and he’s a great multidisciplinary interviewee to boot:


    I’ll also add a bit of personal aural peculiarity: I do hear periodically a high-pitched signal in my ear that starts and ends as if somebody has pulled a switch. It doesn’t float in — it flicks on and off. It’s not related to tinnitus (which I also have, and do recognize and separate from this), and it’s not a sound anybody else hears. It’s not overtly loud, and I don’t always notice it if I’m, say, talking to someone. Happens occasionally, randomly, a few times a month maybe. Had it for decades, just like a minor case of SLI, neither of which do I suggest has anything paranormal to them. Just reminders that the universe is more mysterious than many give it credit for.

    • Greg says:


      Yeah, Paul Devereux has been on my list for an interview for many years now. I’ll ask him this year.

      I sometimes wish that I had some sort of natural expanded awareness to experience what many others do, although in some cases, it might be annoying at best and torture at worst.

    • Count me among those who hear strange beeps from time to time.

      I also feel I’m too sensitive to electro-magnetic radiation. Mother Gaia might hate me for it, but I just can’t have a night-stand lamp with a CFE light bulb. The ‘noise’ of the bulb is just too damn distracting 🙁

  2. Jenny Randles!! she is ALL about the connections – there is a LOT to chew on in her book Mind Monsters, altho some of the ideas have not born fruit there are some fascinating cases in there. steph

  3. Binnall of America is one of my favorite podcasts, so in 2011 my overall mood was mainly governed by the constancy (or lack there of!) by which Tim updated the shows.

    I think it’s fine if Fortean sites let the major mysteries rest for a while and start exploring other little-commented phenomena. Aren’t we supposed to be the guys who champion the need to pay attention to the things the mainstream doesn’t pay attention to?

    So, here’s a topic suggestion for Radio Misterioso in 2012: Near Death Experiences. I don’t think I’ve heard you guys broach the subject in the past, haven’t you? and it relates to the consciousness enigma you’ve been more interested of late 🙂

  4. Count Otto Black says:

    Interesting – though not very surprising – that you mentioned “When Prophecy Fails”. Your listeners might like to know that, although it was out of print for a very long time, you can now buy non-collectible (meaning sensibly priced) copies again. And if you aren’t too fussy about having an actual physical book in your hand, you can read the whole thing free (and legally) right here:


    Incidentally, the lady who made the initial prophecy spent the rest of her life spouting similar stuff to a small but devoted circle of new age saucer apocalypse religious freaks whose belief-system included Apocalytic Christianity and the Higher Beings who live inside Mt. Shasta. She died at a very advanced age, still plugging her own failed prophecies. By that time, the space-alien she met in “When Prophecy Fails” had been upgraded to Jesus Christ himself operating under a Clark Kent alias.

    She was also in the habit of showing people an “actual photo of Jesus” she had taken, which still appears on some websites devoted to this sort of thing. It is painfully obviously a horrid generic weedy-gentile-Jesus painting as revered worldwide by Catholics with no taste. Even some of the sites that believe her add a photoshop filter to it so that it isn’t quite so obviously not a photo.

    Anyway, given that even the True Believers are already making excuses for why that 2012 thing will be the proverbial damp squib (though obviously if there’s a medium-sized earthquake or Madonna dies or something, they’ll jump on that anyway), it would be nice to hear not too much 2012 stuff on the show this year, despite it being 2012. Though feel free to put the boot in on January 1st. 2013.

    So let’s hear something utterly off-the-wall instead! One of the most outrageous theories I’ve encountered in recent years is your good friend Nick Redfern’s claim that NATO are attempting to weaponize djinn. Unfortunately his own website reveals very little about this astonishing claim. It seems that you have to buy the book to find out how persuasive his argument really is, and since nobody else at all seems to have picked up on it, I have no way of evaluating the data without giving him money.

    By the way, I would be interested to know whether Tim Powers’ novel “Declare” has anything to do with this interesting notion, given that it advances very similar ideas, was written first, and is pure fiction.

    Not that I’m saying Nick’s theory is necessarily wrong, let alone entirely made up by himself just to churn out yet another book. But I do think that if there’s ANYTHING behind this story, you’ve got a whole show there which is at the very least entertaining, and possibly highly informative.

    PS – I seem to recall that in the course of his 12 labors, Hercules ran into a serial killer who threw people to his herd of meat-eating horses.

    • Greg says:

      Count Black,

      I’ll be having Nick on in the next few weeks.

      “Dorothy Keech” was a singularly interesting case and thanks for providing some follow-up to her story as well as a link to the book. Everyone who listens to this show should read that one.

      I could ask my friend John Shirley, who is a friend of Powers’, about your theory.

      I didn’t plan to discuss the 2012 madness at all in this years’ programs, so you’re safe!

      • I’m of the opinion that our current situation wouldn’t really need an overtly-dramatic event in order to finally see the shit hitting the fan.

        Our civilization is like the metaphorical elevator choke-full to its maximum capacity, when there comes a tiny insignificant fly that sits on it, and finally gets to the cable to snap and send it plummeting to the bottom. }

        So maybe 2012 will not be like a Roland Emmerich or a Michael Bay blockbuster with a lot of explosions and detonations. Maybe it will be more like an Alejandro González Iñarritu film, with a series of seemingly disconnected events that actually form a chain of causality, leading us to an unprecedented climax.

        BTW if y’all haven’t seen Biutiful yet, you should 😉

        • Greg says:


          Maybe. Looking at history, I see so many examples of people thinking that theirs are the last days and it never came true. I don’t know why we have to be so special. Then again, they never had the capabilities that we have of communication and destruction, so who knows? I guess I try to favor what makes me feel the most comfortable, with the knowledge that I could be wrong!

  5. Frank Glaza says:

    As always I download your podcast like religion. This one with Tim sent my mind’s wheels spinning. Tim’s “meat-eating horses” pod with Cuchullaine O’Rielly was a great left field hit. I knew there was a reason I never trusted horses!

    As for NDE’s, Michael Prescott would be a very good guest. He’s very up on the subject and has a good sense of humor.

  6. Thanks for the tip, Paul.

    Oh, and happy (belated) birthday! 🙂

  7. Bob Desnos says:

    Quick show summary:

    Greg Bishop: I looooooove your show.

    Tim B: wow! Dude. Thanks so much dude.

    Greg: so what’s going on?

    Tim B: like…..you know (about 5 times)

    Greg: anomalous sky sounds

    Tim: weird! Wow! Weird!

    Greg: I went to a hockey game but I don’t care about hockey.

    Tim: yeah. Totally. Like…you know (ad infinitum)

    Fascinating stuff, guys

    • Greg says:


      Despite your complaints, apparently you listened to the whole thing.

      If I was earning a living from this show, I might have to worry more about people’s negative comments.

      Even so, I hope you can enjoy the other 50+ shows posted on this site.

      • Bob Desnos says:


        Not a complaint so much as an observation. I love Radio Misterioso and am a huge Greg Bishop fan as well as a regular listener to BOA.

        Thank you for taking the time to respond. Oh, one quick request can you post your interview with Chris OBrien from 2005?


        Bob D.

        • Greg says:

          Ok, I misunderstood. The show with Chris is posted at my radio4all site. I do want to move those shows here at some point.

  8. Just listened to the BoA year in review session.

    All I’ve gotta say is you guys take UFO bitching into a *whole* new level!


    • Greg says:


      Are you implying that it was useless bitching? I thought it was constructive!

      • It was extremely constructive. The idea that the phenomenon needs us in order to define itself resonates heavily with me.

        Many people are fond about imagining a UFT (Unified Fortean Theory) that would manage to encompass all the major ‘paranormal’ phenomena. I think that at the barely least, the only common denominator between ghosts, cryptids and UFOs is whether or not human perception is sufficiently equipped to perceive them.

        Just one tiny-weeny caveat (hey, I’m in a good mood this week): you guys were wishing for a good & interesting flap; well, depends on who you talk to, but we seem to be in the middle of one 😉

        PS: Hey Greg, have you heard about Micah’s plans to organize a thing called the Paradigm Symposium this next October? Nick’s going to speak in it. I’m going to do my best in order to attend, and it would be awesome if you were there too 🙂

        • Greg says:

          Yeah, I saw that. The few times I go to these things anymore is when I’m speaking, so if Micah and his partner didn’t sign me up, I probably won’t be going. Looks interesting, though, and I’m glad that he could get together the wherewithal to put on a conference.

  9. Paul Kimball says:

    Wait… you don’t like hockey? Who doesn’t like hockey??

  10. this is vicki says:

    I was ecstatic when I saw that two of my top favorite radio voices were to be combined in one show! I started giggling in anticipation, and waited as long as I could before listening to it. It didn’t even matter so much what you talked about, I was already primed to enjoy it because you were both on it together. You guys are so funny. Somehow, your voices take me back to my idyllic childhood, and the insane laughter of sharing jokes with my boyfriend across the street. z(Never mind that he later pushed me down on the lawn and ran off with another neighbor child, my foe and rival, the daughter of the vice principal of the elementary school we attended…the same vice principal I once sat behind in the movie theatre and, while stifling hysterical laughter, balanced kernels of popcorn on his crewcut…) This was in first grade.

  11. Jim Parks says:

    Great discussion. I really enjoyed hearing you and Tim basically just shooting the shit with each other. And I also enjoyed your more formal discussion on BoA. Despite the fact that you, Greg, seem kind of burnt out UFO research, the sky noises phenomena really seems to pique your interest. What is different about the sky noise thing? I would suggest that 1) it’s new and different, 2) it doesn’t immediately point to the ETH or any other popular theory of weird phenomena, and 3) it has high WTF value. Stuff like this appeals to me because I find mystery much more cool and interesting than understanding. The denouement of solving a mystery is no fun at all. And those who pretend to solve mysteries are just irritating.

  12. Jim Parks says:


    Here’s a site that puts together a bunch of the articles and videos related to “sky sounds”. What I am seeing in my desultory web investigation is that the “sky sounds” phenomenon is the whole UFO phenomenon writ small. You have all the various opinions about the subject: closed-minded skeptical, open-minded skeptical, credulous, looney, and every where in between. Just like with UFOs, many of the videos are obvious hoaxes — which leads some people (the closed-minded skeptics) to deduce that ALL the videos must be hoaxes. Some earnest scientific types are trying very hard to explain the phenomenon with our current understanding of geology, physics, and what-not — while not even considering that the phenomena may be explainable only with a kind of scientific knowledge that we don’t have yet. Some people leap right to “therefore Aliens”. Those who are conspiratorial in outlook submit that perhaps the phenomena is a military psy-ops experiment. Of course with 2012 and all, the sky sounds could be the trumpets of Revelation ushering in the Apocalypse. Everything happens faster today — stories develop quickly, people opine instantly, videos get posted easily, hoaxes get perpetrated soon after the initial story has “trended”. If I cared more, I would probably follow the sky sound phenomena and see where it all goes. But barring a major breakthough occurence, I will probably let it slide back into oblivion, like most everyone else.

    • Greg says:

      I guess there is an issue of caring about a lot of this stuff, which becomes more difficult with time and exposure to mysteries that attract far more dorks than thoughtful people.

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