Tony Morrill – Interview With A Listener

This week’s guest called in sick at the last minute, so I asked blogger and Radio Misterioso fan Tony Morrill if he would like to appear a week early. He will also be on the 23rd of October, along with A.J. Gulyas, Paul Kimball and Nick Redfern to talk about the legacy of our late friend Mac Tonnies. Walter was here as well.

We opened tonight’s show with a discussion of the favorite food of Bigfoot, which is apparently blueberry bagels, according to a recent report out of Michigan. Also discussed: The seminal book The Rebirth Of Pan, the influence of John Keel and his maverick outlook on weirdness, a recent study that projects what humans will look like in a few thousand years, the Mike Judge film Idiocracy, our first forays into fortean and UFO literature, paranormal TV shows, what types of paranormal experiences we would like to have and the nature of Bigfoot (paranormal or biological?)

Halfway through the show, outsider musician David Liebe Hart showed up unexpected-like and had me play two of his compositions. He must be psychic, or the synchronicity streams were flowing our way that night.

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