Mac Tonnies Two Years Gone

Some of Mac Tonnies’ best friends and people who continue to be influenced by him got together on the show on October 23rd to reminisce about his life, personality and work. Mac died in his sleep two years ago on the night of October 18th. He was well-known in the UFO community as a reluctant iconoclast and advanced thinker and theorist. He was  well-regarded as a fortean and transhumanist. He was also my friend.

Aaron Gulyas, Tony Morrill, Nick Redfern, Paul Kimball and Mike Clelland joined me for over two hours as we discussed how we met and/or were influenced by Mac and what his legacy might be. We all still miss him terribly and our thoughts go out to his family and other friends.

For more about Mac Tonnies, visit his archived blog, Posthuman Blues, or tribute sites Post Mac Blues and Macbots. His two most well-known books are After the Martian Apocalypse (out of print) and The Cryptoterrestrials. Our interview from July of 2009 can be heard here. Paul and Mac were live in the studio in May of 2006.

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