Bosley, Kimball and Redfern: UFO Researcher Deaths and Abductions

As mentioned in the preview post, Nick Redfern was in town this weekend. Walter Bosley showed up at the studio, and we got Paul Kimball working on the skype.  First off, we launched into a recap of recent UFO researcher deaths. We talked about British publisher and conference organizer Stuart Miller, and his even-handed and inquisitive attitude. Gabe Valdez was a friend and pioneering cattle mutilation researcher who passed on last month, and we spent a few minutes recalling his valuable contributions. We then moved on to reminisce about the late cantankerous UFO bookseller Bob Girard and his efforts to dissuade people from buying various books he had for sale.

There was some contention about the legacy of the work of the late Budd Hopkins. Paul believes that he was a belief-driven researcher whose work was dangerous to the mental health of some of the abductees he worked with. Nick and I differed on just how damaging he was, but we were all in agreement that the subject appears far too complicated to be reduced to supposed aliens taking people’s DNA and breeding hybrid children.

Near the end of the show, Walter brought up crop circles and we talked about the “hoaxers” who consider their work in the crops as art and sometimes feel that there are non-human forces at work while they make their patterns in the plants.

We ended with a song requested by Paul as a show of solidarity with the recent anti-greed protests in New York and other cities. We forgot to mention the death of Charles Hickson of the Pascagoula abduction. I will post an essay about him soon.

Photos: Nick deep underneath the Devil’s Gate dam in Pasadena, 10/2/11, Paul and I at a minor league baseball game last June.

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