Jerry Modjeski – Fellow Traveler

Jerry Modjeski and I have very similar pursuits. We are both interested in all aspects of the paranromal, mind/ consciousness issues and research, and how it all fits together. Jerry hosted a program called the Musical Transportation Spree that was broadcast for over 15 years on public radio station KFAI in Minneapolis. He was a field investigator for MUFON and played weird music every week. My kind of guy.

We have not spoken much since this program was aired on January 5th of 2003, and I plan to remedy that situation soon. On this night we spanned the spectrum of the weird, speaking about his UFO investigations, ghosts and ouija boards, the Cash-Landrum UFO incident, and UFO songs. I played a few gems on the show, such as “(You’d Better Pray To The Lord) When You See Those Flying Saucers” and UFO contactee Frank Stranges’ audio documentary from the mid 1960s.

This was a really fun show and I’m glad that I found the CDs on which it was recorded. Hello Jerry, wherever you are!

Photo credit: Peter Stenshoel

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