Kenn Thomas – JFK and UFO

Kenn Thomas is “America’s Best Loved Conspiracy Researcher” (at least to his friends.) The long-time Steamshovel Press publisher’s new book is entitled JFK & UFO: Military-Industrial Conspiracy and Cover Up From Maury Island To Dallas.

We started the program with an examination of mysterious Fred Crisman and his little-known role in both one of the first famous UFO sightings of the modern era, as well as his involvement with men accused by D.A. Jim Garrison in his prosecution of the New Orleans connection to the JFK assassination. Of his new book Kenn says “It focuses on the intertwining connections between the parapolitical world of assassinations and conspiracies, and the ufological subculture, and how they work together even today.” Thomas described his recent listen of a rare 1950s recording of British philosopher Gerald Heard lecturing about scientific attitudes towards UFOs. We then discussed the theory that JFK was killed over a military contract for a jet fighter. The the new Area 51 book controversy was mentioned and the probable fallacy of mistaking a U2 for UFO (although listener Carlos wrote in to say that this was an excuse given to pilots who saw the aircraft while it was still secret.) Kenn also recounted his own UFO sighting at Area 51 many years ago.

Kenn had to go, so Adam Gorightly called and we spent a half-hour talking about the Bigfoot press conference, people who approach us to talk about their UFO sightings, and anything else that came up. Adam talked about his well-known UFO sighting while on LSD, so I had to mention one of my only UFO sightings which happened in Death Valley a few years ago.  We ended with a a discussion about the value of reputation in the UFO field (I say it doesn’t count for much, unless you are respected outside the community.)

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