Jeffrey Gonzalez: Bigfoot’s DNA

Jeffrey Gonzalez is looking for a lab to test what he says is the DNA of a Bigfoot.

Jeffrey Gonzalez is the founder and director of the Sanger Paranormal Society (SPS), which investigates and documents all manner of strangeness in California’s Central Valley. If lights are hovering over your house, things are bumping in the night, or weird creatures are trying to carry off your chihuahua, SPS will investigate and document the disturbance, as well as offer any explanation that seems reasonable.

One month ago, Gonzalez says he found evidence of what he believes to be the face- and handprints of a Bigfoot creature on the window of his pickup truck, which was parked in a remote area of the Sierra Nevada mountains. He and his research group say that the place has been a recent hotspot for Bigfoot activity.

On June 23rd, the SPS held a press conference in Fresno to announce the find and ask for help to test the DNA traces left on the truck on or around May 30th of 2011. I attended and arranged for Gonzalez to appear on Radio Misterioso. This is the first interview he has given about the recent events.

We talked about the controversy surrounding the event and the public and private reaction. We also delved into Gonzalez’ other paranormal investigations, including his discovery of anomalous ruins in the hills north of Fresno. We also discussed his UFO research, why he has recently resigned as an official of the Mutual UFO Network, and then listened as he fielded a live call from a local skywatcher while an apparent sighting was in progress during the program.

The subject of 2012 prophecy came up, as well as government and military involvement in the UFO subject. We ended with a conversation about paranormal theories and Jeffrey’s opinions about them in light of his personal investigations over the past few years. He also promised to take me out to the area where the Bigfoot has been seen.

When this happens, a report will follow!

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