Norio Hayakawa – Non Belief

Norio Hayakawa has been part of the UFO/ conspiracy scene for over 20 years. In fact, he was becoming known in the community just as I was first writing about strange stuff. He has been in the thick of the Area 51 and Dulce underground base stories and personalities since before the beginning.

This night we talked about his involvement with the early personalities involved in these stories, such as John Lear, Bill Cooper, Ted Gunderson, and Anthony Hilder. Norio recalled his 1990 interview with Area 51 “whistleblower” Bob Lazar and the strange men who wouldn’t leave his side throughout the filming of a segment for Japanese television. He also noticed that Lazar’s home didn’t looked lived in, more like a movie set. This sounds very much like Lazar’s leaking of government secrets were highly scripted. Norio also mentioned that he first heard of Area 51 and the supposed Dulce base in a packet of reading material he requested from Bill Moore in 1988. We also discussed our experiences with a man named “Mike Younger” and our impressions of him as a disinfo agent. Much of what he did also seemed scripted and designed to create definite ideas and opinions.

Throughout the program, Norio stressed his agnostic approach. Like many others, he has found that interested non-belief is probably the best way to approach the UFO subject as well as so-called conspiracy issues. We also went into his background and bio since his immigration from his native Japan. I particularly liked his stories of working the night shift at a mortuary.

We ended with one of his original keyboard compositions entitled “Showdown At Dulce, New Mexico.”

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