From The (old) Archives: Karla Turner – Anomalous Abductee Experiences

This interview was recorded on July 7th, 1994 at the Mutual UFO Network national convention in Austin, Texas. Karla Turner had recently published her second book, Taken: Inside the Human-Alien Abduction Agenda. In all three of her published works on abductions, she pulled no punches and left no details unreported, whether describing her own experiences or those of others who came to her with their own stories.

My favorite quote from Karla that day, and one I have come back to many times in the 17 years since, was “The truth to me more likely is going to lie in the anomalous details.” After our talk, we kept in touch by phone and Karla kept me supplied with leads and contacts for my own research as well as any help I could provide to her. I came to consider her a friend and was shocked and saddened when she died of cancer in 1996.

Most of the text was published in The Excluded Middle, and is available in the book Wake Up Down There! Wes Nations from Crash Collusion magazine asked a few questions as well. This was perhaps the third or fourth interview I conducted, and it shows. I should also apologize for the quality of the recording, which was digitized from a mini-cassette. Over at UFOmystic, I wrote about Karla and her influence on my thinking.

The photo above was taken just after the interview.

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  1. I gave it a try, but there’s just too much background noise 🙁

  2. JT says:

    Thanks for posting this Greg! More like listening in on a conversation one table over in a restaurant, but I enjoyed it. I’d never heard her speak and she came across as sharply curious, willing to consider the high strange with both caution and extravagance, applying equal amounts of deduction and instinct.

    Shame her books are scaling to Jim Brandon levels on amazon… I am glad to see Hilary Evans titles are still available cheaply though. Love these old shows (new ones too, but that goes without saying)!

  3. Speedo Wearing Nordic Space Hunk says:

    Greg i have been meaning to request a show on KT since i hear her name being mentioned from time to time. I have always found what little snatches of conversation about her that i have caught fascinating and have been meaning to dig a little deeper and find out more. So thank you for reading my mind and posting this show , and since your such a good mind reader i trust my autographed copy of Project Beta is already in the mail and on its way to me. But seriously thank you for the show it’s shows like Radio Misterioso , Dark matters , BOA and to a lesser extent The Paracast that get me through an otherwise tedious work day. And thank you Sagacious for the link your the man i want to read these books but i want to make sure i’m not screwing Karla’s estate or whomever might hold the rights to these books.

  4. I followed Karla Turner thru her books in the mid-90’s. I have al of them and I reference them a lot. She was one of the voices in this strange subject that I found rational and very capable of elevating the debate.

    I was shocked when I heard that she had died.

    There are a handful of excellent YOUTUBE videos of her presentations at various conferences. I have watched these repeatedly.

    I was able to make it thru the poor audio by listening in a quiet room while I was lying down. As always, she impressed me deeply.

    Thank You!
    Mike C

  5. Foo Fighter says:

    Re: Openings in the ceiling. I saw this as a child (toddler) and never forgot it.

    I accidentally drank kerosene from a tank that had a spigot that looked just like what I knew as a water spigot. My 3-4yr old mind figured it had to be water so I drank some…then threw up, then got taken to the hospital.

    At night in the hospital I saw a hatch in the ceiling open up, and a man that looked like a swami or a fakir looked down at me with an evil grin. When the internet got popular I searched for similar celing opening phenomenon and never found any.

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