Susan Demeter St. Clair and Dr. Massimo Teodorani – Science Weds Spirit

Susan and Massimo are amazing people. Both have been on the program before; Susan talking about her private research in parapsychological and UFO topics, and Dr. Massimo on his theories of possible sentient plasmas, which he has studied worldwide, including the famous Hessdalen lights . Earlier this year, Susan moved to Italy and she and Massimo were married. They are now involved in projects combining spiritual and traditional modes of knowledge with the methods of science. This literal marriage of science and the humanities and arts is close to the ideals of a recurring theme on this show. I believe that both of them have a rare combination and balance of analytical and creative faculties which are important to an understanding of (presently) fringe subjects. Both have had experiences with the paranormal and it has shaped their methodologies.

My two favorite quotes from the interview will give some idea of why it was so enjoyable and interesting:

Massimo: “Humanity doesn’t need priests; it needs quantum leaps.”

Susan: “I want to provoke, invoke, and eventually measure the phenomena.”

Image: Susan doodled this figure during the interview.


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