Massimo Teodorani – The Hyperspace of Consciousness

Dr. Massimo Teodorani is an astrophsyicist who uses his scientific expertise to examine issues of consciousness and its relation to the physical universe, as well as the implications of the observed properties of anomalous light phenomena (such as the Hessdalen lights) to the search for ways to create stable plasma states such as those found in fusion reactor research. He is involved in ongoing research about eruptive stars, extrasolar planets and SETI, and lectures regularly at the University of Bologna.

We spoke about his original deep interest in the UFO issue and how almost all the books he read on the subject were so useless to him that he burned them. He traveled to the Hessdalen Valley in Norway and observed the mysterious lights, discovering that they apparently exhibited complicated and evolving structures (one even assumed a rectangular shape.) He mentioned that some plasma phenomena seem to exhibit elements of conscious control, and that consciousness may be an element of structure in the observable universe. These issues are discussed at length in his (now sadly out of print) book The Hyperspace of Consciousness.

Dr. Teodorani is also interested in visionary states and how symbols and experiences from this realm seem to have encoded information that can be useful in practical ways. We spoke about this and ended with a discussion of flight and his music compositions. Teodorani is also an accomplished electronic musician who goes by the name of “Totemtag.”


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8 Responses to Massimo Teodorani – The Hyperspace of Consciousness

  1. Charles Topham says:

    Can I be the first to say that I felt this show to be outstanding in every way … this is the one I’ve been waiting to listen to for years !
    Now I know why Susan enthuses so much about your work !
    A five star effort from both of you , intelligent questions with mind stretching answers .. I loved it, trash cans and storm included 🙂

    So many ideas to mull over and try to understand .. wonderful insights that were explained well to a layman like me.
    The only downside to the whole episode was looking up the book and finding it was priced at nearly £900.00in the UK.

    What price knowledge eh ?? I only wanted to read it, not have it framed ..

    The discussion about the visionary states had me riveted, when a GUI presents itself it has to be in symbols .. you sometimes have to work hard at what they mean for you, the person having the vision.
    Like something in Google translate, you don’t translate it into another language you don’t know you find one you can read , one you can understand ?

    I know of a few cases where the a.l.p seems to respond to music and has shown a curiosity about it … maybe something like Close Encounters would communicate with them ?
    Fascinating all round and good to hear about the music in both your lives .. that’s so healthy 🙂
    Thank you Charles

  2. Brilliant! Thank you both Massimo, and Greg for being such an inspiration to me. I found myself, nodding, and adding to the conversation in my mind while I was listening to the show. I really think the model I am trying to develop works very well with both of your ideas on these phenomena. More soonly!

  3. Massimo says:

    Thank you very much, Charles!

    • Scott Felton says:

      Massimo Teodorani, you are a rogue and you have been found out. Why don’t you come clean about working with the CIA!

  4. Professor Teodorani mentions his colleague at SLAC (Stanford Linear Accelerator Center). I hope he checks out their emphasis on noncommutative geometry. Eddie Oshins discovered noncommutative quantum logic as the secret of paranormal training (Neigong alchemy) as Oshins worked at SLAC also. I corresponded with math professor Louis Kauffman on this subject – Kauffman worked at SLAC with Oshins and also H.P. Noyes, the SLAC director who also embraced this noncommutative quantum model. Alain Connes, Fields medal math professor, does a music lecture on noncommutative phase. My background is music training but I realized in high school this noncommutative logic, only I called it “complementary opposite ratios.” So I had to really search to discover Eddie Oshins corroborated the connection to paranormal training. No one has heard of Oshins – except his SLAC colleages. He did work with Karl Pribram also but Pribram could not understand the noncommutative phase logic.

  5. I guess this is what Massimo was referring to, re. hot plasma in space behaving like DNA:

    Very interesting conversation, and I think Massimo is heading in the same direction as Jeff Kripal with the idea of plasma-based consciousness (not just for non-human intelligence but ALSO with beings like us) and the Condign report.

    BUT, being the contrarian that any excluded-middler should be, we should not forget the many cases in which trace evidence in the environment is left –burn marks, ground depression, and yes also metal samples). I don’t ascribe to the idea that we can only explain the cases with trace evidence with the hypothesis of human experimental craft. On the contrary, the trace evidence suggests there is something else going on besides witnesses hallucinating due to the interaction with plasma-based phenomena, whether it is endowed with a sort of intelligence or not.

    Perhaps the plasma-based phenomena is capable of ‘manifesting’ itself in ways that forces us to reconsider our notions about Reality.

  6. Nathan says:

    Really enjoyed this interview with Massimo. Sometimes I feel like the pushback against the ETH hypothesis comes at the expense of a parallel reactive pushback against the use of scientific practices to investigate anomalous phenomena. However, the turn of the discussion, at the end, towards critiques Massimo has of how research has been appropriated into the new age service industry was really thought provoking and I think is a subject unto itself–“ufology” is being reduced to a niche lifestyle market by economic forces that continue to see economic potential in it as a network of commodities and services and complete lifestyle sector. I’d argue that in a way, capitalism is a bigger threat to ufology than the national security complex given its reduction of the field to total simulacra. This isn’t just a problem about commercialism, but it blurs the line between what is real inquiry and what is entertainment and what is real investigation and what is a service. And, as a spectacle that mediates human identity via consumption, a weird kind of dogma sets in as people who identify with ufology beliefs become resistant to critique and critical thinking given these gestures are seen as an unconscious threat to their market mediated selves (i.e., when you mess with ufology you mess with me, so don’t mess with it). Further podcasts on the blurring of these lines would be interesting, as well as questions about whether or not that line even exists anymore.

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