Susan Demeter-St.Clair – If We Normalize the Sacred, Will The (UFO) Phenomenon Change?

This was another fun and informative conversation with a researcher who has actually applied some of the methods we have talked about on this show for awhile now. We spent the first part of the program discussing witness-centered anomalies study, and how to gather data which is essentially personal experience and not readily amenable to charts and graphs. Susan suggested that examining the symbolic and folkloric aspects in an extraordinary experience may be a fruitful start. She also believes that good research also comes from a sense of trust between the witness and the researcher. We wondered if looking too closely at the anomalous would cause it to change in basic ways and might remain just out of our grasp.

At my insistence, Susan listed some of her favorite writers and thinkers in the field, such as George Hansen and surprisingly enough, Jim Moseley. We ended with a short gerrymander on ancient pagan practices in Italy and how some of the places named in older texts may still be hotspots for paranormal activity and sightings of strange aerial objects.

Photo: Susan models the latest fashion in non-dogmatic strategy for dealing with trolls.


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5 Responses to Susan Demeter-St.Clair – If We Normalize the Sacred, Will The (UFO) Phenomenon Change?

  1. y says:

    what was that book that vallee recommended in a hand written letter? philip guemont? road to time?

  2. Just seeing this now. 🙂 The book is The Road of Time: Theory of Double Causality by Philippe Guillemant. Here is the Amazon link to it:

  3. how to quantify the subjective aspect of a experience?

    By looking at the long term *impact* it had on a person’s life over the years.

  4. It’s weird to me how many people into UFOs discount Jim Moseley because he was a “prankster”– It takes a mischievous bastard like him (I don’t use “mischievous bastard” as an insult, more a compliment actually!) to cut through the bullshit. It’s Greg Bishop’s sense of humor that attracts me to Radio Misterioso as well.

  5. Went back to listen to the closing song again – never heard that from Buckley before. Not available on an album, is it?

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