Peter Robbins – Not As Much UFOs

Researcher Peter Robbins is perhaps best known for his book Left At East Gate, which was enveloped in a controversy that led to a painful process that ended in Robbins disowning the work. He has discussed the issues surrounding this extensively elsewhere.

In other news, his 95-year-old father Allan recently wrote his memoirs, which Peter sent to me as a present. After reading it, I knew we would have a great time discussing the book and the span of 20th-century history which it covered. We even took a few minutes to discuss the history of American comedy and other books written by non-famous people about the times in which they lived.

Since we couldn’t avoid it, we also discussed UFOs and Peter’s experiences while attending the UN hearings on the subject in 1978, as well as his interactions with Soviet reporters as they covered the famous Voronezh incident in 1989. Peter is working on a new collection of his extensive writings and has also embarked on a project about the life and possible suspicious death of the first U.S. Secretary of Defense James Forrestal. We also discussed Wilhelm Reich’s book Contact With Space, and the merits and problems with the extraterrestrial hypothesis.

Above: Peter and his dad. (Credit: Elise Skalwold)


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