Miles Lewis – The State of the Paranormal

My longtime friend Miles Lewis and I always have lots to talk about. This time, we started out with a story I read recently that dealt with people taking megadoses (meaning 1000x the normal amount) of LSD and how they might be short-circuiting their brains. With that out of the way, we discussed the new book on Gef, the Talking Mongoose and our recent trip to the Roswell 70th Anniversary festivities and conferences.

The talk roamed through a discussion of faked photos and the Stan Romanek drama before taking a detour into the subject of wishing machines. Then, Miles told me about his experience with a torturous mystery “hum” that plagued him for 26 days, and the community of people who hear various anomalous (and long-term) tones and hums.

I asked if he wanted to move on to the MUFON “death spiral” as he calls it. He also talked about his many years of experience with the organization at the local level and how this is sometimes very different than the public perception of the group. There was a bit of talk on the scandal of selling confidential results and records of abductee research.

For a bit of hope, we discussed how people can create new networks of detection, reporting, and study of UFOs.

Photo: Miles speaks at Roswell, 2017


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