Catching Up With Tim Binnall

Time to catch up with Tim Binnall of Binnall of America and a long time friend and supporter of this show. This program was recorded in early August, before fugitive and itinerant psychic and scam artist Sean David Morton was caught and jailed to await sentencing, after his relatively lengthy 61 days on the lam. We discussed that situation and moved on to the mysterious Armen Victorian, who was a peripheral, but noted personality in UFO circles in the 1990s. I recalled the strange phone call I received from him.

The late researcher and author Jim Marrs had a distinct influence on Tim’s entry into the field of conspiracy, the paranormal and other aspects of the strange. He was Tim’s first interview and opened this season of his podcast, which is one reason why Tim has decided to stop producing the show and move on to other projects (after Marrs’ recent untimely death.)

At the end, we spent a few minutes on the East Coast Paraconference.

Photo: Tim at the Aetherius Society world headquarters in Hollywood.


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