UFOs and Ghosthunting – Post Paraconference 2017

What do ghosts and UFOs have in common? That’s not a setup to a joke, as we found out at the third annual East Coast Paraconference, which took place in the lovely town of Liverpool, Nova Scotia over the weekend of August 11-13. Organizer Linda Rafuse gathered an eclectic group of researchers from a variety of paranormal disciplines to present their newest findings to a crowd of open-minded attendees.

Micah Hanks, Ryan Sprague, and myself represented the U.S. and Paul Kimball and Chris Styles appeared for the Canadian home team. Both nights of the conference featured a ghost hunt event at the local Queen’s County Museum (which also co-sponsored the event.) The first night was quite an active one, with a few different events that even shook my own paranormal neutrality. Some of the events are described here, including a possible contact with the spirit of Mac Tonnies, of all people.

On returning to Halifax and Paul’s production office, Paul, Micah, Ryan and I discussed the events of the weekend, the ghost events, and the similarities and differences between UFO research and other forms of paranormal study.


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