Deep Prasad – Contact and UAP Expeditions

Prasad and Michio Kaku

I’ll admit that I was not impressed with Deep Prasad when he burst on the UFO scene earlier this year. On Thanksgiving Day (in the U.S.) he tweeted a narrative about a very strange, vivid daytime experience he had with apparent non-human entities on February 1st. At that point, I realized his quick conversion from a quantum computing entrepreneur to UFO player was due to this dramatic life-changing experience. Deep had already agreed to an interview over a week before this tweet was posted.

Prasad’s drawing of his experience.

Our talk ranged from an explanation of the theories and applications of quantum computing (which are being pioneered by his company ReactiveQ), his feeling that the so-called “meta-materials” being touted around the internet as pieces of crashed UFOs may not be provable or useful, at least two other strange apparent “contact” episodes he has experienced, and the ideas behind the upcoming UAP Pattern Detection Expedition, which will attempt to attract and record evidence of UFO activity off the coast of Southern California in the same area as the famous Nimitz naval encounters of 2004.


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10 Responses to Deep Prasad – Contact and UAP Expeditions

  1. Adam Gorightly says:

    That alien drawing is a hoot!

  2. Greg says:

    Gorightly’s back! Did you like the show?

  3. Justin Micheau says:

    I had a experience when I was about 5 years old that I really never shared with anyone but still remember perfectly. I awoke one night to seeing brilliant white light coming from around my window shade and got up to open it because I thought it must be daytime or something and when I opened it there was nothing but empty white light endlessly forever. I ran and hid in my bed terrified and the next thing I know I was sitting on the side of my bed in like a trance in the dark confused like I was there just sitting for hhours in the dark. Everything about this memory tells me it wasn’t a dream nor was I exposed to anything about aliens at all at this point in life. Around the same age I was playing alone in a field on a clear day and a miniature lightning bolt came down directly in front of my face and what was described as whole thoughts fits what I felt and experienced. I was told that none of this is real (reality) and everything was just a test. This was a idea that stuck with me through out life from that moment and was comforting in that I didn’t need to worry because that was true.

  4. Adam Gorightly says:

    Good one, Mike!

  5. Lucem P says:

    Speaking as someone who uses mushrooms as part of a regular spiritual / psychological self exploration practice, I find it extremely interesting that his description of his contact experience pretty much mirrors the structure of an intense mushroom trip. The onset of panic/fear, which subsides with trusting the experience to go where it will, followed by insights/messages both visual and felt, experiences with light and euphoria, connection with the universe, etc – its all there. I’m not trying to say its necessarily the same thing, just extremely intriguing how much the experiences share in common.

  6. Really loved this show and much respect to Deep for opening up so candidly about his own experience with the Phenomenon.

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